Foxit IFilter finds PDF files fastest

By Scott Nguyen, Integrated Sales and Support

Do you have a big digital library of PDFs (1000 or more)? That’s a lot of files to manage! If you need to retrieve an old one, it could be similar to finding a needle in a haystack. With Foxit PDF IFilter, you have your own search engine for quickly narrowing down files with a keyword search.

Why Foxit PDF IFilter?

Because it’s blazing fast. How fast? Well, about FOUR times faster than the Adobe PDF IFilter for the 32-bit version. And FIVE times faster for the 64-bit versions. Visit this site for full details of the tests.

In a server test with SharePoint 2010, Foxit PDF IFilter completed a full server crawl in just 32 minutes. That’s 8.1 TIMES FASTER than Adobe. That translates to 5.54 files per second on SharePoint 2010 x64, compared to .68 files per second for Adobe PDF IFilter.

Foxit also has more robust features, such as extracting PDF files and portfolios based on bookmarks and annotations.

Foxit PDF IFilter is the top choice

In terms of raw speed, Foxit PDF IFilter is a leader. When you take into account accuracy and features, Foxit really stands alone.

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