Foxit® Developer Conference 2011

This past June Foxit held its 2011 Developers Conference 2011 which showcased Foxit’s newest software development kit (SDK) product – PhantomPDF™ Plug-in SDK.  For enterprises that wish to create custom extensions to their ability to read, create, edit, and design PDF documents and forms; and for application developers wishing to tightly integrate their solutions into PDF environments, the PhantomPDF Plug-in SDK is a software development kit that converts Foxit PhantomPDF and Reader 5.0 into platforms for delivering additional capabilities for PDF documents and forms.

The PhantomPDF Plug-in SDK allows developers to provide new menu items and toolbar buttons to the existing interface without modifying the PhantomPDF or Reader products. Developers can also create custom actions for their choice of user interface commands. In addition, they can manipulate PDF documents – for example, open a PDF in an external dialog, dynamically add or remove pages from an existing PDF, edit the elements in a PDF, or set up security policies to control user permissions for PDF documents.

Since PDF is an extensible format, the Plug-in SDK enables users to add custom data to the PDF file to support their specific workflows and business needs. For example, data on who has viewed the document, help information to fill out specific fields in a form, engineering costs, or other data not defined in the PDF specification can be added.

The Foxit Developers Conference 2011 coincided with the releases of Foxit PDF Reader 5.0 and Foxit PhantomPDF 5.0.  Attending were engineers from many software development companies looking to integrate security and business process solutions in the PhantomPDF Plug-in SDK environment.

The conference included in-depth technical sessions from Foxit engineers that demonstrated the kinds of plug-ins that can be developed and how to develop plug-ins for both the Foxit PhantomPDF and Reader products.  Technical topics included SDK CodeFrame, Security Mechanism, features supported, and plug-in development.

The Foxit Developers Conference provides a great opportunity to not only show the newest Foxit products, but also communicate with the partners and software providers on both technical topics and partnerships. Thanks to the participants at the Foxit Developer Conference who helped make the conference a successful event.

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