Foxit at InsureTech Connect 2019: Minimize Your Paper Trail


InsureTech Connect 2019 was a great show, and Foxit was more than excited to be a sponsor at the world’s largest insurance tech and digital innovation summit of the year. We had a great time not only exhibiting, but also connecting with all the insurance trailblazers who attended the show.

InsureTech, or Insurance Technology, has been growing at a rapid rate within the past few years. As one of the leading industries undergoing transformation and innovation, InsureTech is undeniably a driving force for major decision makers today. Foxit is proud to be a part of InsureTech initiatives and to be aiding our insurance partners with transitioning their paper offices to a streamlined anywhere, anytime type of company.

We understand how important it is for insurance companies to manage their documents better to meet customer expectations. As a fast-paced industry, it is a must for insurance companies to retrieve information from documents such as contracts, policies, claims, and customer forms immediately for their clients.

Here are some ways our users integrate Foxit with their InsureTech initiatives: 

  • Track Documents with Smart PDF Technology

With Smart PDFs, a standard PDF with a unique assigned ID, insurance agents can keep track of digital documents as it travels within or outside an organization. Foxit enables users to have full control over who can view and edit their documents, providing security for their PDFs. Authorized users can also view comments and edits made in real time, giving insurance agents important updates on their documents the minute they’re made for immediate response.

  • Scan and OCR

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, converts printed images or paper texts to be converted into machine-readable text. Insurance agencies can use Foxit to scan paper documents and automatically convert them into searchable digital text files. By doing so, insurance agents could easily retrieve important client data by searching through their documents such as claims and contracts.

  • Archive, Index and Save Space

Insurance agencies handle a massive amount of documents whether it be client information or different policy statements. It’s important to save room and money digitally. Foxit allows agencies to not only compress their documents into smaller file sizes, but also the ability to index their documents so they can easily find their desired documents after they store it. 

  • Signatures

Agents are always collecting signatures and signing their documents. Foxit PhantomPDF provides robust, secure, and quick signature features such as digital signature, DocuSign, and quick PDF sign. PhantomPDF also by default checks the validity of a signature when the documents are opened, ensuring authenticity while saving insurance agents on time effectively. 

  • Reduce Risk with PDF Security

Keeping confidential information secure from internal and external leaks is a top priority in the Insurance industry. Agents are responsible for numerous documents such as contracts, policyholder agreements, PIP & HCFA forms, and require a controlled environment. With Foxit Phantom PDF, users can set different security levels on their PDF documents. The owner of the document can restrict another person’s ability to apply edits such as copying text, deleting pages, or adding comments. With PDF security, the owner can also prevent a document from being printed, as well as assigning a custom password to lock their PDF documents for extra security. This reduces the risk of fraudulent claims and prevents misuse of documents. 

  • Workflow Organizations with DMS Integrations

Keeping workflow and documents organized is essential for insurance agencies to keep up with their client information. Foxit PDF Editor’s integrations with multiple Cloud Storage Services, Enterprise Content Management Systems, and Document Management Systems allows uses to work on PDF files using their centralized on-premises or cloud systems effortlessly for enhanced workflow productivity.

These are only some of the many features Foxit has to offer to insurance companies. At InsureTech Connect, Foxit showcased how insurance companies could work with digital documents the same way they would with paper. From enterprise automation with file compression and digital conversions of email, TIFF, and Office docs to making files text-searchable with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Foxit gives users the ability to create, convert, comment, and organize digital documents within the same platform.

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