Five tips to selecting a document compression solution


Document compression is crucial to maintaining an effective capture, content management or archive solution, as it helps you save money while improving productivity.

The kingpin to all that is a robust document compression solution. Choosing the wrong software can make or break your entire system. It’s better to select a solution that will meet all your processing needs, rather than a low-volume solution that can’t handle it and will end up costing you more in the end.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a solution:

  • Quality is Key.

Some compression products achieve small file sizes by down sampling the resolution of the original image to 150 or 200 dpi, which can result in significant image quality loss.

Tip: Consider POC success criteria that includes careful evaluation of the quality of the compressed images, to ensure that they are viable for downstream processing.

  • Keep it Smooth Sailing.

When processing millions of documents, exception handling becomes a key capability to ensure that no garbage ends up in downstream systems.

Tip: Consider selecting an integrated solution that sorts out problematic documents and alerts operators without stopping the running process.

  • Make it Scalable.

Compression processing performance when working with large document volumes can become a bottleneck that slows down the entire solution.

Tip: For high volume use cases, consider working with a solution that will not only leverage all available CPU cores but also scale to multiple processing systems to prevent processing delays.  POC success criteria should also include stress testing to validate performance requirements.

  • Cover your bases.

Converting documents from varying file formats requires ongoing attention and available support from the solution vendor to ensure full compatibility as part of the PDF conversion.

Tip: Consider selecting a vendor who specializes on file format conversion/compression with high expertise in the PDF file format to ensure downstream document compatibility.

  • Prevention is better than Cure.

System failures can be a critical pain point of high-volume processing environments, resulting in downtime and large document back logs.

Tip: In order to prevent downtime, consider selecting a fault tolerant solution for mission critical processing requirements.

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