Evernote Selects Foxit for Windows Application

Great news to share about Foxit – Evernote has selected Foxit PDF technology to display and search PDF documents for their Evernote Windows application.

Evernote is a unified collection of apps that help people remember everything, get things done, and communicate effectively. The company’s user base is now 34 million users overall across all platforms. Evernote apps work with nearly every computer, phone, and mobile device.

“We use Foxit’s software components to display and search PDF documents on our Evernote Windows application. We began using Foxit PDF technology over 3 years ago and have relied on it was a core component of our product. Foxit has the most comprehensive library supporting a wide range of features with incomparable integration options,” said Phil Constantinou, VP, Products at Evernote. “We chose Foxit”s PDF products due to its great reputation and outstanding quality, reliability and performance. We find Foxit slick and fast, offering our users a seamless experience when storing, searching, and reading PDFs in Evernote.”

“Foxit offers the premier technology to render and index PDF documents – offering high performance, high fidelity, and platform independence,” said Philip G. Lee, VP of Enterprise Sales at Foxit Corporation. “Incorporating Foxit PDF technology allows application developers to deliver products faster, lower costs, and provide additional product differentiation.”

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