Easy PDF redaction (with a cool bonus)

Foxit will soon release Foxit Redactor for Office™, a Microsoft Office plug-in that allows you to protect sensitive content in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint by “blacking it out”. It couldn’t be much easier: Just mark confidential content for redaction in the Office application, and then generate the redacted PDF document.

We developed it with Microsoft in order to deliver a very cool “hybrid” option

A hybrid redacted document allows a recipient with an RMS-enabled PDF reader and the right credentials and authorization to view the redacted content. Imagine that: unauthorized users will see the document in redacted format, but the redacted content will be visible to people who should see it.

Foxit Redactor is recommended for anyone who needs information security, governance, and control—especially those who need to restrict access to documents.

Foxit Redactor for Office will be available soon for an introductory price of $9.95.

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