Digital transformation needs a new style of information protection


Digital transformation is evolving at a rapid rate, introducing new, faster, more efficient tools that lead to better customer service and user experience. But this digital evolution also means it’s faster than ever for data to be shared outside of company boundaries.

With just a click, your information goes anywhere and everywhere. To the cloud. To peoples’ PCs. Downloaded to smartphones. You name it.

While many organizations employ strategically placed protections on documents that are shared digitally, some don’t. At least not yet. And that needs to change.

Data protection has evolved with digital technology

New safeguards for securing digital data wherever it goes include the following:

  • Permanence protection – Gives you the ability to protect data at the file level, regardless of where that file exists. This means full-scale protection even if the file sits on multiple devices and/or cloud storage sites.
  • Remote access – Allows you to edit your protection policy wherever you have internet access.
  • Audit trail – Lets you monitor and track activity ON and IN files. See who opened the file, when it was last opened, who made edits or comments, and more. Advanced features also enable you to see what was done with the file—for example, who printed copies or how much total time was spent on it by any user.
  • Secure collaborative file reviews – Collaborate in real-time and remotely with other authorized users in a secure environment.
  • Secure mobile collaboration – Enable users to collaborate securely with other authorized users on their smartphones or tablets.

All these capabilities are in ConnectedPDF.

ConnectedPDF lets you create digital documents that can only be opened, printed or edited if you give permission, even after you’ve sent the document. It can alert you whenever your document is sent to someone other than its intended audience, and allows you to disable—essentially recall—a document that you feel is inaccurate, confidential or in the wrong hands.

By using ConnectedPDF to create smart, connected documents that can only be viewed with permission and which can be encrypted and redacted remotely, you can go a long way to protecting your organization from accidental release of documents and harmful information leaks.

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