Connected Review vs. Shared Review

Connected Review vs. Shared Review

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said “Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up.” That’s the driving force behind collaboration of any kind, but certainly in business.

Among its many uses, PDF software offers many opportunities for teams to collaborate. Foxit products, in particular, offers unique methods for teams to share comments and work together. One is Shared Review, and with the advent of Foxit ConnectedPDF (cPDF), you’ve also got Connected Review at your disposal. Let’s take a look at the difference.

What is Shared Review?

Shared Review lets teams work together across different platforms using PDF by enabling all team members to view and respond to each other’s comments and edits.

You initiate a Shared Review from within PhantomPDF and host the review on a network folder, within a SharePoint workspace or by sharing it with users via email. You can manage document reviews you initiate and view the status of each one. Reviewers only need the free Foxit PDF Reader or the MobilePDF Business app available for mobile iOS and Android users.

Documents creators using Shared Review are able to gather feedback and comments from reviewers in one place. And all participants have the ability to view and respond to one another’s comments.

What is Connected Review?

Connected Review is a lot like Shared Review, however, you don’t need to host the document on a server or network folder. You don’t even need to email the document to other reviewers. All the connectivity is taken care of behind the scenes by cPDF. Here’s how.

cPDF allows each PDF to carry an identity assigned by the cPDF cloud service, and tracks anything done to the PDF, including creation, distribution, and modification. You can see everything that happens to your cPDF in real time. So when someone makes a comment on the document, you’ll see it. And when you make a comment, they’ll see it, too.

You and any collaborators can start, join or leave a Connected Review with one click, making it exceptionally easy to start and manage Connected Reviews.

Once you’ve started a Connected Review, anyone using a Foxit product, whether it’s PhantomPDF, PDF Reader, Mobile PDF or Web Viewer can join it and synchronize comments (assuming you’ve given them permission, of course).

With these collaborative reviewing features, you’ve got more easy ways to keep teams connected and working together. And more opportunities for growing those great ideas.

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