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Smart PDFs Can Make Insurance Companies More Profitable

We work with organizations from just about every industry imaginable. And, based on those relationships, I can say that all organizations, from the private to the public sector and everything in between, will benefit by transitioning to smart PDFs. With ...

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An Interview with Eugene Xiong, Founder and Chairman of Foxit Software

Editor’s Note: This Blog article is the first in a series of interviews with founders who have built successful technology companies. And, who better to start with, than the founder of our very own company, Eugene Xiong. Q: Why ...

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How Can Government Agencies Improve Collaboration?

Hello, I’m George Gao, chief executive officer at Foxit Software and, in this Blog post, I’m going to look at ways for state and local governments to enhance collaboration. In my opinion, no one faces a tougher challenge when it ...

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