Foxit PDF Editor Snapshot tool: Why it’s so great

pdf editor snapshot tool

If you want to use a graph, diagram or similar visual from a PDF file in your Microsoft Office document, there’s a better way than the usual copy and paste route. That’s because, when you copy-and-paste from a PDF to another document, the result can be garbled and require editing to make it presentable. But not with Foxit PDF Editor snapshot tool!

So…, the reason is that PDFs were designed to look great on any screen and to print perfectly. That’s why they can be difficult to edit.

So when you copy a PDF image, you’re really just copying a bunch of code that tells your computer how to draw an image.

Fortunately, there’s an easy workaround that doesn’t require any special software. Just open the PDF in Microsoft PowerPoint, select the object or objects you want to use, and then copy and paste them into your document. The formatting may not be perfect, but it will be a lot easier to clean up than if you copied and pasted from the PDF itself.

If you copy text from a PDF, it often brings over unwanted formatting like bold or italics. And if you try to paste an image from a PDF, it can result in wavy lines and low-quality visuals.

Instead, use the Foxit PDF Editor Snapshot tool. It makes it easy to copy and paste portions of PDF files into other documents and the image will appear exactly as it did on the PDF. Whether you’re copying a graph or just some text, the Snapshot tool will make it look great in your document.

How to use The PDF Editor Snapshot Tool

To copy an image or a combination of text and images, just do the following in PDF Editor:

Select the Snapshot tool by choosing HOME > Snapshot. You’ll see that the cursor changes into a Cross automatically.

Click and drag the mouse to draw a rectangle around the content you want to copy.

Foxit PDF Editor will tell you that the selected area has been copied to the clipboard. To deselect it, click anywhere on the page.

(Optional) Right-click the selected area, and then choose Copy Select Graphic.

Paste the image to your desired destination.

That’s it. Easy-peasy. The powerful PDF Editor Snapshot tool gets the job done, no extra editing required.

To copy text, just select the text you want with your mouse and press CTRL+C (or Command+C on a Mac). Then paste it into your destination document like you normally would. The formatting will come along for the ride this time, so no more unwanted bold or italics.

snapshot Foxit
pdf editor snapshot tool

Get started

The PDF Editor Snapshot tool is a great way to get around the limitations of copy-and-pasting from PDFs. It’s easy to use and it ensures that your images and text look exactly as they did in the original PDF file.

So next time you need to use content from a PDF, give Snapshot a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. kathykathy

    It allows me to copy but does not give the option to paste. when I try to past ctl V or right click does not work.


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