Edit PhantomPDF files as easily as you edit Microsoft Word documents

by Tina Zhang, Product Manager


Microsoft Word is among the top word processers available today, which means you probably already know how to easily navigate its tools and features. Word enables you to create many types of documents.

You can create, draft, type, edit, and format whole passages of text and preview them before printing, ensuring complete satisfaction with your end result.

PDF files, on the other hand, were once notorious for being tricky to edit. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case.

Not only is the PDF file format platform independent—making it an attractive option for collaboration—but today, editing tools included in PDF software like Phantom PDF are similar to common word processing software, making them easy to use with a low learning curve.

Features include:

  • Spell checking
  • Ability to edit entire paragraphs at once
  • Formatting changes like font style, color, size, and effects made directly to PDF file content

Automatically reflow the entire document to edit content fluidly

PDF software also makes it easier to reformat text blocks to give the document a cleaner, more organized layout.

In addition to these abilities, PhantomPDF software’s image editing capabilities are more like a photo editor, eliminating the need to use another application in order to get the content right.

Security and version control

In the collaborative process, nothing’s more important than having control over changes made to a document. This has always been a downside of common word processing software, but it’s an area where PDF software shines.

In a perfect world, where everyone is using the same software all the time, version control is less of an issue when a team of people is working collectively on a document. The original author turns on version control and every time another person edits the file, removes content, adds content or even leaves a comment, the software tracks those changes. Unfortunately, most of the built-in version control features in applications will not carry over to a file opened in a different word processor or to content copied and pasted between the two.

Using the right PDF Editor, such as PhantomPDF, however, means you no longer need to create and edit a document in one, or more, applications and then convert it to a PDF file as a final draft. PhantomPDF allows you to manage the entire process, from draft to publication, using just one tool. That’s the best kind of version control there is.

You can also protect content via digital signatures, redaction tools and encryption features not found in many commercial word processing software, making PDF software the go-to choice when document security is a concern.

Considering these benefits, it makes sense to create many documents in PDF from the beginning. There’s no longer any need to create a file in one application, edit images in another and then bring them all together in the PDF Editor when one tool can do it all.

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