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Foxit PDF Education Solution

The Complete Cross-Platform PDF Solution for Teachers, Students, and School IT

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Uncover the Powerful Features of PDF Technology for Education

Every student deserves the best technology for their academic achievement. That’s why Foxit provides schools, teachers, and students with our full featured products with education pricing, so students can achieve more in school.

Encourage Learning in a Paperless Environment

Taking the initiative to transition into a remote learning environment can be difficult when students, teachers, and staff are used to working with paper. Discover new ways to create, convert, edit, and collaborate with PDF.

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Create Accessible Documents for Students of All Abilities

Equal education and learning inclusion is a necessity in schools. Foxit’s PDF technology provides schools with the resources to create documents that are accessible and Section 508 compliant.

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Used and Trusted by Over 1 Billion Users Worldwide

The Only PDF Solution Available Across All Digital Platforms

Accessible for students, parents, teachers and staff anywhere. Industry’s fastest and highest-fidelity PDF rendering engine.

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Find the Right Solution for You

  • Schools & IT Admins
  • Schools & IT Admins

Standardize on a unified PDF Solution for teaching, learning, researching and school operations across campus. Easily deploy and manage on all device types and make your transition as streamlined as possible. Encourage collaboration and communication between students, teachers, and staff.

Remote Learning in a Paperless Classroom

Converting from paper-based workflows to digital is the first step needed to transition into a digital classroom. Create documents with Foxit PDF Editor and give students access to digital learning materials across multiple devices from desktop to mobile and web. Edit, annotate, sign, convert and manipulate documents with Foxit PDF Editor. Retain correct document formats, protect content from unwanted edits, and make it accessible for students, parents, and faculty/staff from anywhere.

Redaction for Student Confidentiality

According to regulations like the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), schools are legally required to protect their students’ privacy and identity. Whether it be student learning materials, forms, permission slips, or transcripts, schools need to make sure their students’ information is properly protected. With Foxit PDF Editor, schools can permanently redact confidential student information such as names, social security numbers, addresses, and more from student records.

Protect Document from Unwanted Access

Knowing who has access to your documents and what they can see is a must when it comes to sharing digital files. With Foxit PDF Editor, you can set password protection so that only individuals who have the password can have access to your documents. Documents can also be protected using MIP integration to have precise control over who can have access to your content and when. Set permissions to make learning materials view only, and restrict your documents from getting printed physically with Foxit PDF Editor document protection.

Fillable Form Creation

Forms and contracts such as permission slips are commonly used for students, parents, teachers, and administrators in schools. Paper forms are usually inefficient and difficult to keep track of. Foxit PDF Editor can be used to generate interactive form fields, set restrictions on forms, and provide digital signature options so schools no longer need to work with paper forms.

Make Documents Text Searchable (OCR)

Most of the time scanned documents like TIFFs and JPEG/PNGs are not text searchable. This makes digital learning difficult as it’s hard for students to navigate through their learning material. Foxit PDF Editor comes with powerful OCR (optical character recognition) features that can make documents immediately text searchable so students and teachers can find the information they need easily.

Enhance Student Learning and Collaboration

Gain insight and understand how your students are learning from their documents. Find out which parts of a document are being read the most, and which are skipped. Foxit PDF Editor provides page-by-page engagement analytics to gain readership insight on documents. Easily comment on PDF documents to provide feedback and save directly into your document management system.

Save, Archive, and Retrieve Documents Easily

Managing paper documents can be a time-consuming process. Physical storage is expensive, and digital storage costs can also build up quickly. Compress documents to save storage space and make it easier to send as attachments to students. Apply automatic bates numbering, bookmark, index, and archive different documents for easy access and search ability.

Accessibility (508 Compliance)

Foxit PDF Editor produces PDFs that are 508-compliant (ADA, EN 301 549) for users with visual impairments. Ensure all students have an equal chance to quality education.

IT Support

Switching to new technology can be a difficult transition for schools, as they need to get their students, parents, teachers, and staff all on board. Foxit provides 24-hour support and gives IT staff their support with specialized training and webinars to make adoption easy.

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  • Teachers
  • Teachers

Change the way you create and manage instructional material and student documents. Enhance digital learning for you and your students.

Create Digital Learning Materials

When it comes to working around digital documents for education, PDF is the file format of choice for teachers and staff. With Foxit PDF Editor, teachers can create a syllabus that outlines course materials with embedded PowerPoints, homework assignments, or video links in a single document. Take PowerPoint lectures and convert them to PDF to prevent any unwanted edits. Ensure your documents to be viewed in the same exact layout and format anywhere, on any device. With Foxit PDF Editor, users can convert any file type into PDF and work with is a they would with paper.

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  • Students
  • Students

Discover new ways to digitize your learning materials and access them anywhere, anytime.

Edit, Create, and Convert Learning Material

Take all learning materials and convert them into PDF so you can access them across multiple platforms such as desktop, mobile, or web. Edit, annotate, comment, sign, convert, and manipulate documents with Foxit PDF Editor. Take scanned documents, photos, PowerPoints, assemble them in a PDF binder. You can read and take notes on it without working around paper.

Scan and Convert on Mobile

Take photos of notes, slides, learning materials on your phone and convert them into high quality PDF documents that you can edit and view on the go. With Foxit Reader Mobile, students can have free access to the full featured app so you can intuitively work on digital learning materials within the same platform.

Make Edits Directly on the Web

Foxit PDF Editor Cloud provides students with easy document editing capabilities directly through a web browser. Convert documents and make annotations easily on any device. Use the typewriter tool to immediately add text to any digital document as a PDF.

Make Documents Text Searchable (OCR)

Most of the time scanned documents like TIFFs and JPEG/PNGs are not text searchable. This makes digital learning difficult as it’s hard for students to navigate through their learning material. Foxit PDF Editor comes with powerful OCR (optical character recognition) features that can make documents immediately text searchable so students can find the information they need easily.

Work and Save Directly to Your Share Drive

Managing paper documents can be a time consuming process. Stay organized and save your learning materials and course work in cloud storage. With Foxit PDF Editor’s integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, etc., you can easily save and retrieve documents from the same platform.

Fill Out and Sign Digital Forms

Students receive a lot of digital forms from their school that require their basic information to be filled out, along with signatures. Whether it be school policies, permission slips, and authorizations, Foxit PDF Editor editor can be used to easily create fillable forms and signed with secure digital signature options.

Compress to Make Document Truly Portable

When created carelessly, digital document can be large in size and take up a lot of storage space. With Foxit PDF Editor students can compress PDF documents to save space, and make it easier to send and share.

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