Foxit PDF Editor Suite for Teams
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Highest ROI

PDF Editor Suite Pro
for Teams 2023

Advanced create, edit, and eSign in one product.

  • Everything in PDF Editor Suite for Teams

  • PDF Accessibility

  • PDF Pre-flight

  • PDF 3D support

  • High compression from scanned docs

  • eSign customization and online forms

  • eSign two factor authentication

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PDF Editor Suite
for Teams 2023

Create, edit, and eSign in one product.

  • PDF editing anywhere - on desktop, cloud, and mobile devices.

  • Enterprise-wide eSign for use in growing and large companies.

  • Integration and collaboration capabilities to work more productively in teams.

  • AI machine learning to make users more productive.

  • Admin Console to manage many licenses.

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Foxit PDF Editor Suite for Teams
Features at a Glance

Industry Leading Desktop Editing

pdf editor suite feature - industry leading desktop editing

Foxit PDF Editor is feature rich and easy to use desktop software to create fantastic PDFs.

  • Edit PDF like a Pro.
  • Integrated eSign.
  • Properly protect PDF.
  • Scan and OCR paper documents.
  • Export to popular file formats.
  • Create PDF docs and forms.
  • Organize PDF the effortless way.
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Great ROI Migrating From Legacy Solutions

pdf editor suite feature - great roi migrating from legacy solutions

Total Economic Impact™ by Forrester®

  • Provides sound business sense to migrate to Foxit PDF Editor.
  • Understand your individual 3-year ROI of switching from legacy PDF Software to Foxit.
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Legally Binding eSign

pdf editor suite feature - legally binding esign

Foxit eSign is a legally binding eSign service to prepare and gather important digitally signed documents. It provides a complete eSign solution:

  • Upload your document.
  • Create your template.
  • Add recipients.
  • Send your agreement.

Foxit eSign automates workflows, providing a seamless process to allow the users to send, sign, track, and manage signature processes using their preferred browser.

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PDF From Anywhere With Cloud Support

pdf editor suite feature - pdf from anywhere with cloud support

Powerful online all-in-one PDF Editing and eSigning tool to make your document workflows easy and secure.

  • Create and Edit PDFs Online.
  • Create PDF in Microsoft Office 365.
  • Integration with ChatGPT.
  • Collaborate on Microsoft Teams.
  • Work with PDFs in SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • Easily upload, edit, share, and collaborate from anywhere with Cloud Documents.
  • Multiple users to share their comments on the same document.
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PDF On the Go With Mobile Support

pdf editor suite feature - pdf on the go with mobile support

Stay productive with documents anywhere using the Foxit PDF Editor for mobile app. This app is packed with all the latest PDF editing capabilities you need to keep your business moving wherever you are.

  • Collaborate, annotate, and share PDF.
  • Edit PDF text and images.
  • Convert and export PDF documents.
  • Sign PDF documents.
  • Protect and compress PDF.
  • Integration with OneDrive Business, iCloud, and SharePoint.
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AI To Increase User Productivity

pdf editor suite feature - ai to increase user productivity

Integration with ChatGPT

  • Document Summary - The OpenAI summary service uses artificial intelligence to generate a concise and accurate summary of a given text input.
  • Document Re-write - The OpenAI rewrite service uses machine learning to automatically paraphrase or rewrite text while maintaining its original meaning.

AI based document redaction

  • Smart Redact provides a simple, easy, efficient, and comprehensive method to assist people in dealing with sensitive information from the (PDF) documents.
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Collaborate and Integrate

pdf editor suite feature - collaborate and integrate

Connect teammates together to increase flexibility and results. Integrate with leading Content Management Systems and Collaboration software, utilize popular cloud storage services, and initiate shared reviews to provide and manage feedback.

Easy License Management

pdf editor suite feature - easy license management

The Foxit Admin Console provide a centralized license management portal to easily manage the licenses of all your users.

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