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Archive Documents that Stand the Test of Time

Help your business meet regulations and improve your compliance program by archiving documents the right way.

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Technical Challenges

Documents won’t open if their format isn’t supported anymore.

Active content causes content changes in archived documents.

Executable code in documents may contain viruses or malware.

Wasting time searching manually through hundreds of pages of documents.

Business Risks of Noncompliance are Huge

Because of the vast number of guidelines for compliance, it can be all too easy for your organization to find itself in violation of an array of laws, including wage, hiring, labor laws, safety procedures, tax reporting, and many more.

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Leading Results with Our Technology

Allow text in archived documents to be searchable, not static.

Ensure documents can be opened years from now by archiving files as PDF/A.

Prevent viruses from entering your archives.

Lock active content in place by converting to PDF/A.


Licensing is designed to be flexible and easy to work with for both optimizing backfile conversion of legacy documents or converting recurring volumes of documents in your live business processes.

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