Foxit PDF Editing Solutions Now Incorporate Powerful AI Assistant to Bring Greater Innovation and Productivity to PDF Document Management Through ChatGPT 

FREMONT, Calif. -  (Jan. 17, 2024) - Leading PDF and eSign solution innovator Foxit today announced a software license agreement for the integration and distribution of Foxit PDF Editor and Editor Pro with AI Assistant. This first to market solution revolutionizes PDF document management by leveraging AI innovation and the power of ChatGPT to enhance productivity and the user experience. 

Dell commercial and consumer PC customers will have exclusive access to the advanced features of Foxit PDF Editor and Editor Pro with AI Assistant solutions, combined with the AI-driven capabilities of ChatGPT. Users will benefit from intelligent automation, natural language processing, and advanced document management tools to streamline workflows, increase productivity, and unlock the full potential of their PDF documents. 

"We're thrilled to work with Dell Technologies to bring the transformative power of Foxit PDF Editor and Editor Pro with AI Assistant, coupled with ChatGPT's AI capabilities, to Dell customers," said Phil Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, at Foxit Software. "This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the evolution of PDF document management as we enable users to leverage the power of AI-driven automation for enhanced productivity and seamless user experiences." 

Foxit's collaboration with Dell Technologies makes Foxit PDF Editor and Editor Pro with AI Assistant available as a one-time purchase to Dell PC customers.  The industry-leading solutions empower PC users to create, edit, collaborate and secure PDF documents with ease. By combining the advanced capabilities of Foxit's PDF Editor with the AI-driven natural language processing of ChatGPT, users can now interact with PDFs more intuitively and efficiently. The integration of ChatGPT provides intelligent automation and enhances the user experience by enabling intelligent interactions for tasks such as redaction, document annotation and form filling. 

By harnessing the power of AI-driven automation through ChatGPT, users can now work with PDFs in a more intuitive and productive manner. 

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