PDF Compressor

Enterprise-Strength PDF Conversion, Compression, and OCR for Scanned Documents
Optimizes Paper to Digital Office Conversion

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PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor Generates the Most Efficient PDF Files Available, with OCR, Compression, and PDF Conversion

As an industry leader in the document capture industry, Foxit's Technologies understands the software needs of corporate business. Built for high-volume, corporate environments, PDF Compressor is designed to optimize scanned documents, Microsoft Office files and emails, converting them to PDF and making them smaller, faster, more accessible and easier to process. With best in class OCR & dramatic file compression, PDF Compressor not only integrates with existing workflows, but also improves them by producing significantly more manageable files. This allows organizations to spend less time managing their digital files and more time on value-producing tasks.

What is PDF Compressor?

PDF Compressor can make your documents fully searchable with Foxit's super-accurate OCR. Plus, our OCR is available in over 180 languages. PDF Compressor's OCR can process paper-based documents in real-time, accelerating the entire workflow. PDF Compressor combines super-accurate OCR, including support for multi-directional and low contrast text, with support for barcode recognition.Using the award-winning mixed-raster content (MRC) image compression technology and JBIG2 & JPEG2000 image compression formats, PDF Compressor makes the most compact, web-friendly PDF files available. PDF Compressor compresses typical black and white scans by a factor of 5x-10x (compared to TIFF G4) and color scans by a factor of 10x-100x (compared to JPEG). Our unmatched text-focused color scan processing ensures maximum data retention, even under high compression. Compressed files look exactly the same as the originals, and can be viewed using any regular PDF Reader. By reducing file size, documents can be emailed, transmitted, accessed, and stored more efficiently. Uniquely, PDF Compressor combines image processing, real-time OCR, advanced compression, PDF/A, web-optimization, batch multi-threading and encryption all in one step.

Key Features

OCR Languages

Support for 180 languages

Fast Transmission

Email, transmit, download and upload compressed documents quickly & easily

Most Accurate OCR

Recognize more characters with improved OCR accuracy to produce more reliable text-searches

Batch Processing

Batch processing for high volume scanning

Increase Efficiency

Reduce storage and transmission requirements by 10x-100x

Accelerate document workflow

Accelerate your entire workflow with the world's fastest processing engine

Dramatic File Compression

Compress black & white scans by a factor of 5-10x and color scans by a factor of 10-100x

Barcode Recognition

Supports fully automatic document separation via barcode

Foxit's Clients

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel/AMD x86-64
RAM: Mnimum 2 GB per core
HDD: 1 GB free storage space
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016
Microsoft .NET Framework: 4.0
Microsoft Office: 2010 or 2013
Apache OpenOffice 4.x or LibreOffice 6.x