OCR Software Improves Treatment and Research at Medical Center

A medical center, City of Hope was looking for a way to efficiently store patient electronic health records (EHR) in their database. Previously, City of Hope manually entered all their patient information taking away valuable time from staff. With close to 500,000 EHRs the cancer research and treatment center began looking for document management solutions that would recognize text of scanned EHR images and index them in their database. Implementing OCR software allowed the health center to more easily find patient documents and information, allowing for faster patient care and accelerating research operations.

Key Features:

  • Text-searchable format allowed medical staff to locate and analyze patient information quicker
  • With unlimited volume, single core processor Maestro OCR license converts around 10,000 documents into text-searchable format every day
  • With high-speed OCR, instant keyword searches facilitate research within the medical center
  • Supporting OCR for 118 languages research centers can now also better manage other countries research efforts
  • Maestro utilizes image pre-processing techniques to optimize for the best possible text recognition accuracy even on low-quality scans

What Is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

Foxit's Maestro Recognition Server 6.0 has been engineered and designed as an industrial strength PDF solution for corporate volume scanning and OCR needs. Maestro improves employee efficiency by allowing multiple workflow accessibilities, enabling users to perform various image processing functions beyond OCR. Maestro generates high-quality PDFs to make organizations document management more efficient.

Foxit has been a proven leader of file compression and OCR technology. Improve your organizations document processes with Foxit's Maestro.