Foxit eSign + Microsoft Teams

Transform Teams with Foxit eSign

Elevate your Teams experience with Foxit eSign. Enable users to send, track, and sign documents seamlessly.

Empower Your Teams with Foxit eSign

Unlock the full potential of MS Teams by integrating Foxit eSign. Admins can easily configure, enabling users to send, track, and sign documents seamlessly. Plus, chat with a bot for real-time updates, account setup, and expert support.

Streamlined Document Workflows

Simplify document handling, from upload to authentication, all within Teams.

Enhanced Productivity

Boost productivity with seamless document collaboration and support features, driving efficiency.

Customize and Send for Signing

Easily upload documents and then add signers, authentication preferences, fields, rules, and more.

Top things to try

Send Documents for Signing

Easily and quickly initiate eSignature requests directly from Teams, sending contracts, agreements, or forms for signature

Engage with our Chat Interface

Engage with a bot in Teams to inquire about the status of envelope IDs, set up an account, and access help information.

Manage Documents Easily

Manage your document preparation and sending seamlessly within the Microsoft Teams app.

Utilize Detailed Audit Trails

Access detailed audit trails of document activities and signing history from within Teams to ensure expedient completion.

Receive Instant Document Notifications

Receive instant notifications within Teams when a document is signed or potentially requires your attention.

Customize Documents Easily

Add signature fields, text boxes, and other necessary elements to documents from within Teams before sending with Foxit eSign.

Microsoft Teams Integration Use Cases Across Industries


Maintain compliance and protect sensitive PHI with secure eSignature processes within Teams. Expedite patient consent forms and medical records with integrated eSignatures, reducing administrative delays.


Speed up policy issuance and claims processing with integrated eSignature workflows in Teams. Enable clients to eSign documents quickly and efficiently following a Teams meeting.

Real Estate

Collaborate seamlessly with clients, agents, and lawyers within Teams, streamlining communication and simplifying document completion for property contracts, disclosures, and more.

Human Resources

Simplify employee onboarding with eSignatures for contracts, agreements, and HR documents during or following any Teams meeting. Set up automated HR workflows for document approvals, improving efficiency and compliance.


Streamline legal operations by securely and legally eSigning contracts, court documents, and client agreements within Teams. Provide clients with an efficient, digital experience while maintaining a high level of security.


Expedite government services by collaborating on and eSigning permits, licenses, and forms directly within Teams. Enhance transparency, reduce paperwork, and improve operational efficiency in public service delivery.

Banking / Finance

Speed up loan approvals, financial agreements, and transactions with integrated eSignatures in Teams - making it easier for interdepartment collaboration and approval. Ensure regulatory compliance for financial transactions.


Simplify education administration by eSigning enrollment forms, student agreements, and faculty contracts within Teams. Enhance accessibility and efficiency for educational processes with digital signatures.


Is there an extra cost to use this integration?

There is no extra cost for the integration, but you will need a license to Foxit eSign and Microsoft Teams to use the integrations.

How does this integration ensure compliance with industry regulations?

Compliances depend on the plan. HIPAA is available for Foxit eSign Pro, Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro, and Foxit Enterprise.

How can this integration benefit my organization in terms of efficiency and cost savings?

By reducing paperwork, automating document processes, and enhancing security, this integration can significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with manual document handling and compliance management.

Can I use Foxit eSign on mobile devices?

Yes, we offer a full capability Foxit eSign APP for Android and iOS, allowing you to create, edit, send, and sign documents on smartphones and tablets for greater flexibility. Accessibility is also available through your Teams app.

What types of security measures are in place to protect sensitive documents and data?

Foxit eSign implements advanced security features, including encryption, access controls, and multi-factor authentication, to safeguard your documents and data both inside your CRM and out.