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What is PDF Optimization Suite for OpenText Intelligent Capture?

PDF Optimization for Intelligent Capture is designed for automated, high-volume conversion and compression of image and/or born digital documents within the OpenText Intelligent Capture. Seamless integration into CaptureFlows makes for swift deployment and ease of use.  Documents can be converted and compressed as part of the ingestion process or as a final step prior to export to a document repository.  Reduce file sizes by 50% or more while creating high quality binary or color searchable PDF or PDF/A documents.

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Overcome Email and Upload Pain Points

Overcome large email files and upload pain points.

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Meet Compliance Regulations

Meet document archiving compliance regulations.

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Integrate seamlessly into the OpenText Intelligent Capture interface.

Convert Microsoft Office, HTML, email + attachments and zip files to PDF.

Highly accurate OCR designed for full text-searches and an indexed document repository.

More efficient email, download, mobile access and storage of key documents.

Better cloud content management.

Convert hybrid documents with text and images without rasterization.

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New York State DEC Improves Document Process Speed by 85%

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation utilized the PDF Optimization Suite for OpenText Intelligent Capture to process born-digital and hybrid PDF documents 85% faster, while preserving important information such as bookmarks and hyperlinks. Read the government agency’s success story to see how Foxit’s PDF Optimization Suite greatly improved document process efficiency.

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PDF Optimization Suite Software Features

Reduce Exception Handling Costs

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Exception management requires costly labor and leads to slowdowns in downstream processes. As the volume and diversity of born-digital files entering document processes continues to increase for most large organizations, manual exception handling can increase significantly as well.

Your enterprise can utilize Foxit’s PDF Optimization Suite to improve operational efficiency by making Intelligent Capture processes more automatic. The PDF Optimization Suite integrates into OpenText Intelligent Capture to support a wider range of input file types, including XFA PDF forms and hybrid PDF documents. With the ability to process a larger portion of incoming documents automatically, the suite lowers the number of files kicked out of the capture process for manual review. This frees up head count for higher value-added tasks and creates a more profitable, automated framework for document ingestion.

100% Accurate Born-Digital Capture with Efficient Text Layer Handling

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Born-digital files such as emails, Microsoft Office documents, HTML, zip, and .txt formats contain pre-existing text layers before entering Intelligent Capture. Without the PDF Optimization Suite, Intelligent Capture flattens any existing text and then attempts to re-recognize that information with OCR. This unnecessary processing leads to slower business processes and decreased system performance. In addition, this step introduces potential for recognition errors that can throw off data quality and cause issues down the line with archiving compliance and information search.

By intelligently detecting pre-existing text in electronic documents, the PDF Optimization Suite for OpenText Intelligent Capture avoids unnecessary recognition errors for 100% accurate born-digital capture. For Intelligent Capture clients working with an ever-increasing volume of email, Word, and electronically created PDFs, Foxit’s integrated suite ensures more high-quality data is fed into systems and processes relying on automated document capture.

Reduce Coding and PS Engagement Costs with Format Auto-Detection

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Foxit’s PDF Optimization Suite helps Intelligent Capture users minimize costly workarounds to facilitate efficient born-digital ingestion in addition to their scanning processes. Out of the box, the Foxit suite automatically detects born-digital files and adjusts to avoid information loss from incompatible processing steps (such as OCR when a text layer already exists). No special coding or variable professional services engagement is needed to get this functionality, it comes included with the integration of the PDF Optimization Suite into your Intelligent Capture environment.

Auto-detection of born-digital documents also greatly improves system performance. For Intelligent Capture workflows, the suite can process electronic files three times faster than with Intelligent Capture alone by automatically circumventing unnecessary processing steps that only make sense for scanned image documents. Also, choosing to integrate this add-on functionality to Intelligent Capture is far less complex than supporting an entirely separate, cost-prohibitive solution to handle born-digital files.

Document Download Speeds Twice as Fast with Industry-Leading Compression

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Working with compressed documents facilitates faster document processes, better client experiences, and more efficient operations. Foxit’s PDF Optimization Suite compresses black & white image documents up to 10:1. With leading MRC compression, color image documents can be compressed as much as 100:1.

Highly compressed documents are more efficient to email, download, access, and store. For example, in the energy and engineering industry, compressing large architectural drawings and CAD documents enables field engineers to spend significantly less time waiting for downloads and more time working while on construction sites.

50% Lower Storage Costs for Mixed Content Repositories

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At high volumes, document storage costs also become a pain point for large enterprises using OpenText Intelligent Capture. With the industry-leading compression technology inside the PDF Optimization Suite, your organization can reduce storage costs and server load by as much as 50%. If your repository contains a higher proportion of image documents from scanners, faxes, and MFPs, this savings can be even greater.

Direct Integration into the OpenText Intelligent Capture GUI

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We have integrated our solutions into OpenText Intelligent Capture since 2004 (formerly EMC Intelligent Capture). Because it integrates directly into the Intelligent Capture interface, The PDF Optimization Suite facilitates swift user adoption for a faster time to ROI. The integration also enables easy software deployment so that IT teams can stress less about implementation across the organization.

Licensing options also mirror that of OpenText for convenient and clear synergy with your existing Intelligent Capture usage model. We support page volume licensing that works well for optimizing documents from recurring business processes as well as batch backfile conversion for long-term archiving.

Better Digitization of Paper and Scanned Image Documents

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The PDF Optimization Suite is a great complement to Intelligent Capture for paper to digital processing and optimizing common scanned image file formats such as TIFF, JPG, and PNG to PDF. The software suite allows users to standardize their repository with highly compressed, searchable, and accessible PDF and PDF/A documents.

Standardizing documents to a single format frees up IT budget, mitigates risk, and enables long-term digital preservation. By standardizing content to PDF, IT departments reduce costs associated with maintenance renewals, internal support, and user training on various readers for additional file formats.

Converting documents to an accessible, searchable format can also protect organizations from compliance issues. For example, in the life sciences industry, the FDA requires submission of BLAs and new drug applications in a searchable, digital format per eCTD requirements. Across industries, organizations can ensure they keep important documents in a high-fidelity, reliable long-term format for records retention requirements with ISO-compliant PDF/A conversion.


Licensing is designed to be flexible and easy to work with for both optimizing backfile conversion of legacy documents or converting recurring volumes of documents in your live business processes.

System Requirements

Captiva 7.5 – 16.4

Windows System Requirements

  • Windows® 64-bit: Windows 7/8.1/10, Server 2008/2012/2016
  • CPU Speed: 2 GHz or more
  • RAM: 1 GB minimum, 2 GB per processor core (recommended) more than 2 GB for conversion of very large documents on 64 bit systems
  • HDD: 1 GB available storage space
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.6.2
  • Microsoft Office for the Born Digital feature

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