• How Software Enables A Newly Distributed and Remote Workforce

A 2020 study states that 87% of bank executives rely on PDFs for their operations, and that this reliance has increased since COVID. How has your financial institution adapted to find novel ways to send, sign, and track digital documents?

The advent of safer, faster digital document tools creates the biggest opportunity for banks to modernize their procedures while also cutting expenses. Platforms that can support electronic signatures, auto-validation tools, and defined access rules will make it easier than ever to route, track, and archive sensitive financial documents.

Organizations that embrace these remote-capable technologies may also benefit from increased efficiency, lower overhead costs, and better customer experiences in addition to business continuity benefits. Download the playbook to learn more, including:

  • What finservs can do to improve remote, distributed teams
  • The challenges, and rewards, of adapting these shifts
  • How easy-to-use software is making the difference