Enterprise Document Redaction Software

Leverage Foxit Rendition Server to create redacted documents with a single, fully scalable platform. Establish secure, consistent, and compliant data redaction processes for sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII) protection across your organization.

Why Foxit Rendition Server?

A Fully Scalable PDF Redaction Software Platform for Enterprise

Enterprise-Class Redaction Software

Leverage automated redaction based on pattern recognition on a wide array of inputs, including invoices, forms, PDFs, emails, Microsoft Word, and scanned image documents.

Scalable Redaction for Organization-Wide Compliance

Control data protection practices across the enterprise by building specific redaction strategies for all within a single, fully scalable platform.

True Data Redaction Functionality

Leave behind simple “blackout text in PDF” functions. Completely redact and protect sensitive or classified data to comply with HIPAA PII, employee personal information protection laws, and similar mandates in the finance, government, and legal industries.

Reduce IT Costs and Complexity

Minimize costs associated with maintenance, support, and training by consolidating disjointed document processing solutions into one scalable, full-featured system.

Powerful PDF Processing Feature Set

Archive your redacted content securely and confidently with additional transformation functions such as: Convert to PDF and PDF/A, Redact PDF, Merge, Split, OCR, Compress, and more.

Create Redacted Documents Anywhere

Call the platform via web, email, mobile, desktop, and much more for limitless redaction options from anyone, anywhere in your organization.

Confidence and Stability

Sophisticated failover and load balancing to ensure stability and efficiency of sensitive data management at peak processing periods.

Easy Integration into Existing IT Environments

Utilize a redaction web service designed for easy integration into IT architectures, connecting to third-party software, and workflow flexibility with custom functions or modules.

Top-Tier Support

Implement a powerful enterprise redaction solution supported by a global team of experts in documents and PDF technology.