Foxit eSign + Zapier

Initiate a World of Possibilities with AI and Seamless Workflow

Harness the full capabilities of thousands of apps by integrating eSigning seamlessly into your everyday workflows.

Effortless eSign Automation

Empower your workflow with Foxit eSign and Zapier. Seamlessly connect and automate tasks across thousands of apps, platforms, and CRMs. Unlock faster document management and efficiency in just a few simple clicks.

Intelligent Document Platform

Streamline document management by automatically organizing, archiving, or filing signed documents.

Endless Possibilities

Connect Foxit eSign to a world of apps and CRMs via Zapier triggers. Transform repetitive tasks effortlessly.

Trigger Actions

Trigger actions like document creation, sending, signing, storage, notifications, and more in just a few clicks.

Top things to try

Connect Your Data

Seamlessly integrate eSign data with various applications to maintain consistent and up-to-date records across platforms.

Enhance Communication

Improve communication by sending timely notifications, emails, or messages based on eSign events.

Log Documents In One Place

One Zap to automatically organize your documents wherever you want them, for the whole team to access.

Streamline Project Management

Manage projects efficiently by automating signing task assignments, signing progress tracking, and project updates that depend on signed documents.

Ensure Document Security

Stay secure at all times with industry-leading compliance and security standards for your documents.

Automate and Simplify

Following signature, automate email sending, task updating, record updates, and more in just a few clicks.

Zapier Integration Use Cases Across Industries


Integration with Zapier ensures secure and efficient patient onboarding, consent management, and document signing. It simplifies compliance with regulations like HIPAA, streamlines medical record processes, and enables prompt communication among healthcare professionals.


Insurance companies benefit from streamlined claims processing, policy management, and client interactions. Foxit eSign integration automates policy issuance, accelerates claims approvals, and enhances customer service through personalized communication.

Real Estate

Real estate professionals enjoy faster property transactions, contract management, and client interactions. Foxit eSign integration simplifies document signing, automates listing management, and improves communication with clients, resulting in quicker closings and satisfied clients.

Human Resources

HR departments experience optimized employee onboarding, document management, and compliance procedures. Foxit eSign integration automates the creation and signing of HR documents, ensures timely task completion, and enhances the employee experience.


Legal firms benefit from streamlined document workflows, contract management, and client interactions. Foxit eSign integration automates document drafting, eases contract reviews, and accelerates client approvals, all while ensuring security and compliance.


Government agencies improve citizen interactions, document management, and service delivery. Foxit eSign integration automates permit approvals, simplifies license renewals, and enhances public communication while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Banking / Finance

Financial institutions gain efficiency in loan processing, account management, and customer interactions. Foxit eSign integration automates loan document signing, accelerates account approvals, and enhances communication with customers, ultimately improving the banking experience.


Educational institutions enhance enrollment processes, administrative tasks, and communication with students and staff. Foxit eSign integration automates enrollment paperwork, simplifies administrative workflows, and ensures timely communication with students, making education management more efficient.


Is there an extra cost to use this integration?

If the user has a Zapier account, they have access to Foxit eSign apps. Foxit eSign license and Zapier license required, but no further charges for integration.

How does this integration ensure compliance with industry regulations?

Compliances depend on the plan. HIPAA is available for Foxit eSign Pro, Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro, and Foxit Enterprise.

How can this integration benefit my organization in terms of efficiency and cost savings?

By reducing paperwork, automating document processes, and enhancing security, this integration can significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with manual document handling and compliance management.

Can I use Foxit eSign on mobile devices?

Yes, we offer a full capability Foxit eSign APP for Android and iOS, allowing you to create, edit, send, and sign documents on smartphones and tablets for greater flexibility. Accessibility is also available through your Teams app.

What types of security measures are in place to protect sensitive documents and data?

Foxit eSign implements advanced security features, including encryption, access controls, and multi-factor authentication, to safeguard your documents and data both inside your CRM and out.