Foxit for Salesforce®

Seamless document generation and eSign for Salesforce CRM

Streamline document workflows, close deals faster, & complete documents faster with this smart Salesforce integration.

Sign In Your Workspace Environment

Transform your workflow with Foxit for Salesforce

Experience a transformative shift in document management within Salesforce by harnessing the power of Foxit. Foxit's award winning document generation and eSigning solutions come together allowing you to automate your end-to-end document workflows.

Enhanced Workflow Efficiency

Easily generate legally binding invoices, quotes, & agreements within your Salesforce CRM cloud.

Effortless Signatures, Anywhere

Experience the convenience of sending & signing documents in your CRM, anywhere and at any time.

Less Work, More Automation

Utilize Salesforce Flows to automate document generation, eSignature requests, and update records.

Top things to try

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Automatic Field Mapping

Merge Salesforce Data to your template with text tags for faster and cleaner template creation.

Dynamic Table Generation

Generate organized tables, use data grouping, and calculate field totals within tables. Generate tables with correct height, width, and number of rows for the content.

Foxit Buttons

Place your generate or eSign buttons within any Salesforce object or custom object. Tie as many templates as needed to any one button.

Track Document Status Within Salesforce

Send documents for eSignature and track all documents, send reminders, download signed agreements, and more directly within Salesforce.

Customize Approval Workflows

Create custom approval workflows in Salesforce that include eSignature steps, ensuring that all stakeholders review and sign off on critical documents.

Salesforce Flows

Build any document generation or eSigning workflow you need in seconds utilizing actions and triggers to automate generating, sending, and updating within Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration Use Cases Across Industries



Streamline the secure and legally signed completion of patient forms, prescription renewals, approvals, HIPAA forms, and more for easier and more coordinated patient care within the Salesforce Health Cloud.



Expedite new client onboarding and policy issuance, claims processing, payments, and enhance your overall customer experience and operational efficiency with Foxit for Salesforce.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Ensure important real estate and loan documents are signed faster for quicker deal closure by digitally creating contracts, agreements, and leases for use within your Salesforce workflow.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Seamlessly incorporate eSignatures into onboarding, benefits administration, and compliance documentation within the Salesforce HR Cloud, ensuring a smoother and more efficient HR process.



Securely and legally enhance contract reviews, track compliance, and effortlessly manage critical and court admissable documents, optimizing your legal operations within the Salesforce ecosystem.



Securely and compliantly enhance important citizen services, reduce costly administrative overhead, and streamline vital tasks, enabling more efficient and streamlined governance.


Banking / Finance

Turbocharge your financial institution's operations within Salesforce by expediting loan applications, accelerating investment approvals, and ensuring rigorous KYC and industry compliance management.



Simplify student enrollment, speed up application approvals, and streamline document management, offering students and staff a more convenient and efficient experience locally and remotely.


Is there an extra cost to use this integration?

Foxit for Salesforce is available in two packages. The Document Generation package is $20 per user per month and the Dcoument Generation & eSign package is $40 per user per month. There is a 10 user minimum for both plans.

How does this integration ensure compliance with industry regulations?

Foxit for Salesforce has global compliance features. Speak to your Foxit representitive to make sure the compliances you need are turned on. Some compliances may have additional costs.

How can this integration benefit my organization in terms of efficiency and cost savings?

By reducing paperwork, automating document processes, and enhancing security, this integration can significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with manual document handling and compliance management.

Is it easy to set up the integration between Foxit and Salesforce?

Yes, the integration is designed to be user-friendly and can typically be set up with minimal technical expertise right through the AppExchange. However, professional assistance is available if needed.

What types of security measures are in place to protect sensitive documents and data?

Foxit eSign implements advanced security features, including encryption, access controls, and multi-factor authentication, to safeguard your documents and data within and outside of Salesforce