Foxit eSign + Foxit PDF Editor

Your Ultimate PDF and eSigning Solution

The future of PDF is here. Revamp signature workflows with integrated Foxit eSign & PDF Editor.

eSigning Solution

Enhance signature workflows inside of Foxit PDF Editor

Experience unparalleled efficiency by integrating Foxit PDF Editor together with Foxit eSign. Create, edit, send, and sign PDFs seamlessly in one unified platform for maximum productivity and optimized workflow.

Effortless PDF Creation

Create, upload, edit, and eSign PDFs seamlessly with a powerful and intuitive PDF editing solution.

Track Document Status

Easily manage, track, and follow up on signature requests directly within PDF Editor.

Instant Self Signing

Open and sign PDF documents directly within PDF Editor without having to email, scan, or, print.

Top things to try

Editor Top Things

Self Sign Agreements

Easily add your legally binding signature to any PDF document you've created or uploaded instantly.

Send for Signature

Quickly and securely send any PDF document for eSignature directly within the Foxit PDF Editor in just a few clicks.

Automatically add Form Fields

Save time and hassle by using the PDF form wizard to automatically add fields to your PDF for signing.

Manage PDF Documents

Review, follow up, view, and download documents sent for eSignature directly inside of the Foxit PDF Editor.

Online Collaboration

Access the Foxit eSign integration on Foxit PDF Editor Cloud for easy team collaboration and online agreement editing.

Enhance with AI

Foxit PDF Editor Cloud gives you access to the powerful Foxit AI to sumarize your agreements and help write emails.

Merge and Sign PDF Documents

Seamlessly merge multiple PDF documents into one easy-to-read agreement and send for a secure signature.

Redact Sensitive Information

Use Smart Redact to automatically detect and redact sensitive information, protecting it from unwanted viewing.

PDF Editor and eSign Integration Use Cases Across Industries



Efficient document management is essential for delivering high-quality patient care. This integration gives providers a secure & compliant solution for RX renewals, patient approvals, referrals, EHR management, & much more.



Foxit PDF Editor allows quick policy document updates, while Foxit eSign ensures secure & legally binding signatures for policyholders. This reduces turnaround time, minimizes paperwork, & enhances the customer experience.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Foxit PDF Editor helps create and modify property documents with ease while Foxit eSign allows for easy signing of purchase agreements, lease contracts, & disclosures, expediting property transactions & improving operations.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Foxit PDF Editor enables the creation & updates of employment documents, & Foxit eSign enables the secure signing of contracts, benefits forms, & other HR docs. This reduces paperwork & accelerates the hiring process.



Legal professionals can draft, edit, & collaborate on legal documents with Foxit PDF Editor. When paired with Foxit eSign, it's easy to obtain legally binding signatures on contracts, agreements, court documents, & more.



Foxit PDF Editor simplifies doc creation & editing for government forms & reports while Foxit eSign allows citizens to sign applications, permits, & more, enhancing accessibility & efficiency in government services.


Banking / Finance

Foxit PDF Editor can create & edit financial documents, while Foxit eSign ensures secure eSigning on loan agreements, financial statements, & compliance docs, accelerating financial transactions & improving regulatory compliance.



Foxit PDF Editor assists educators in creating enrollment forms, permission slips, financial aid forms, & more. Integration with Foxit eSign allows easy signing of enrollment forms, ensuring a seamless & secure enrollment process.


Is there an extra cost to use this integration?

There is no extra cost for the integration. You will need a license to Foxit eSign and Foxit PDF Editor to use the integrations. Consider buying Foxit eSign PDF Editor Suite Pro for instant access to both products.

How does this integration ensure compliance with industry regulations?

Compliances depend on the plan. HIPAA is available for Foxit eSign Pro, Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro, and Foxit Enterprise.

How can this integration benefit my organization in terms of efficiency and cost savings?

By reducing paperwork, automating document processes, and enhancing security, this integration can significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with manual document handling and compliance management.

Can I use Foxit PDF Editor and Foxit eSign on mobile devices?

Yes, both solutions offer mobile accessibility, allowing you to create, edit, send, and sign documents on smartphones and tablets for greater flexibility.

What types of security measures are in place to protect sensitive documents and data?

Both Foxit PDF Editor and Foxit eSign implement advanced security features, including encryption, access controls, and multi-factor authentication, to safeguard your documents and data.