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Foxit eSign

Foxit eSign

Foxit eSign

Top Features

Requesting eSignatures Use online, in app, or from integrations to create, send, and sign digital documents from anywhere, and on any device

Track & Manage Documents Know the current status of all documents. Set up alerts, emails, and reminders to improve document turnaround

Multi-Document Envelopes Sending documents in envelopes allows signatures to be collected on multiple documents from one person or a group of people simultaneously with no additional cost per signature.

Custom Branded Documents Maintain brand fluency by easily adding logos, brand colors, messaging, consent instructions, confirmation text, and more.

Signable Web Forms Add customized signable forms directly to apps and websites. Accepting bulk document signatures, agreements, and sign ups has never been easier.

Purpose Built Integrations Integrate with Salesforce, Google Drive, SharePoint, Teams, Google Workspace, WordPress, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Zapier, and more for a smooth signing process across your favorite apps.

Multiple Languages 16 languages including Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.


Foxit eSign Salesforce App Generate quotes, invoices, agreements, and more directly in Salesforce. Upload or create a template and map the template fields to fields in Salesforce. Send for signature, track, and more without leaving Salesforce.

Microsoft SharePoint Improve document collaboration between team members and clients. Send, sign, and request signatures, track document status, backup completed documents, and more all within SharePoint.

Google Workspace Use the Foxit eSign add-on for Google Workspace to enable the sending of envelopes and tracking of document statuses directly within Google apps.

Foxit PDF Editor Customize and send out documents directly from the Foxit PDF Editor. This add on gives you full access to Foxit eSign’s suite of features directly inside of the Foxit PDF Editor.

Microsoft Teams Foxit eSign allows users to collaborate on agreements and documents live through Microsoft Teams, enabling faster, more accurate, and more fluid completion of important paperwork in multiple locations at once.

WordPress Forms Accept eSignatures and deliver documents seamlessly, directly through WordPress forms.

Zapier Automate and customize workflows quickly, easily, and codelessly using Zapier to integrate with over 5,000 popular applications.

APIs Leverage our API technology with SDKs for C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and PHP, allowing for an easier integration journey for your whole team.

Core Features

Reusable Template Library Access and share your Reusable Templates, fillable documents, forms, and more with your team.

eSignature Workflow Rules Assign the order in which a document is to be signed using Workflow Rules. The document will automatically move to the next person or group when it is their turn to sign.

Multi-Language Support Send the same document to multiple people in different languages to facilitate fast and easy eSigning.

Collect Signatures and Data Create forms with a large variety of standard and advanced form fields. Add variables, dynamic form fields, attachment fields, secure fields, custom fields, and more. Send for signature and track document status.

Easy Recipient eSigning Send a link to the document or envelope via email, SMS, in-app, through the website, and more. When signers click the link, they are taken directly and securely to the form to sign. No downloads or signups are needed.

Audit Trails and Certificates Audit Trails and Certificates are generated after a document is completed. Data includes location, IP, recipient, date, consent, security level, name, a summary of Envelope History, and more

Secure Cloud Storage Signed documents are stored and available for secure access at any time by authorized users. Plus, when a document is signed, both the requester and signer are sent digital copies.

Mobile App Our full-featured apps on iOS and Android allow users to create documents for eSigning from anywhere and on practically any device. Scan documents to turn them into signable forms, send for signature, track, and more.

Digital Signatures Foxit eSign maintains the unique identity of each signer and can produce a unique identification as well as a digital signature and provides the necessary digital certificates that protect the signature certificate validity.

Stamps Utilize the embedded stamps feature with Foxit eSign, or upload your personal stamps, notary seals, and more as an image file directly onto your document.

eSignature Authentication Send a document or envelope to a signer's unique email address for signature. Optionally, provide the signer a code to open the document. No additional download or signup is required.

Live Customer Support Live support for all other customers during regular business hours and 24/7 support through the ticketing system ensure Foxit eSign users are never on their own or without solutions when they need them.

Security & Compliance

Secure Authentication Verify identity with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requiring signers to confirm their identity on multiple devices, Voice to send signers a robo call that provides a limited time access code, or with Authy access codes.

Enterprise Authentication Verify identity with User Defined Access Codes allowing the requester to send the signer a code to enter before they sign or Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) requiring signers to confirm personal information.

Qualified eSignatures (QES) Qualified Electronic Signatures, or QES, are equivalent to a handwritten signature in terms of legal effect under eIDAS standards. In-app registration in ZealiD verifies the recipient's personal digital signature and identity.

SOC 2 Type 2, 21 CFR Part 11



User SSO Capabilities Single Sign On to Foxit eSign (SSO) using the SAML protocol with Microsoft Azure AD, Google Workspace, Okta, PingIdentity, or OneLogin.

Optional Features

Bulk Sending Send personalized versions of the same document to a group of people simultaneously. Each document is separately tracked and maintained.

Bulk Signing Quickly review a large quantity of documents, then sign all of the reviewed documents at once with just a few clicks.

Advanced Forms Fields Utilize advanced fields such as Secured, Image, and Hyperlink, together with Accept and Decline buttons. Also access multiple validations and customize validations using RegEx. Even use conditional logic on your forms.

Enhanced branding Create a more immersive end user experience with White label branding, multi-branding, and customizing the application UI and emails. Send emails from your domain, use multiple logos for signature request, and more.

Enterprise Support We work when you do with live 24/7 Enterprise customer support through phone, chat, email, and tickets. Plus, Enterprise account access to our development team for integration and API implementation is made available.

In-Person Signing eSign in-person with a user from the Foxit eSign account administrating the signing session. The signing administrator gives control to the recipient to fill out the document and sign.

Offline Mode Use our mobile apps to collect a signature on documents even when there is no network coverage. Once the device is back online, the signed document will sync.

Cross-Device Support Easily collect handwritten signatures from a separate device such as a signature pad, an uploaded image of a signature, or by collecting a signature from another touch-enabled device.


Manage Users and Teams Manage users, monitor activity, control access, and more with just a few simple clicks.

Admin Console Independently manage and assign user licenses, manage users, user access, view reports, and more.

Account Delegation Foxit eSign Account users can delegate alternative user access to their outstanding tasks and follow-ups during special circumstances, such as vacations and during emergencies.

eSigner Delegation With the eSigner Delegation feature, document recipients can delegate signature tasks to a different person when not able to sign for reasons beyond their control.