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Foxit PDF Compressor Version 8 For Enterprise

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Quick Summary: PDF Compressor 8 Infographic

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Foxit added new features to efficiently manage high-volume document conversion with the release of PDF Compressor Version 8 in 2019.

The new version combines the best features from two leading solutions - CVISION’s PdfCompressor technology and LuraTech’s PDF Compressor - to create an unrivaled, best of breed PDF conversion solution for our customers.

PDF Compressor puts efficiency, automation, and ease of use at the forefront with a new interface, more job management options, and new ways to run the software without direct user supervision.

These features are designed to maximize the professional user's ability to quickly, easily, and reliably convert high volumes of both scanned image documents and electronic documents to PDF and PDF/A.

  • Convert email, Microsoft Office, HTML, and more to PDF and PDF/A
  • Comprehensive PDF/A conversion support for document archiving
  • Auto-tag even unstructured scanned PDFs for accessibility
  • Efficient text layer processing for electronic documents
  • Improved OCR and MRC compression
  • Blazing performance on Foxit core technology
  • Job-focused interface for more efficient workflow prioritization and management
  • Zonal OCR
  • Supported FTP input and output
  • More configurable header and footer options
  • More touchless, batch PDF conversion options than ever before


What's New in PDF Compressor Version 8

In the webinar, we present an overview of the new features, training on the new interface, and a live demo of the software. We will also address how the switch will work for customers of CVISION Technologies, which was acquired by Foxit Software in 2017.

Tim Jefferies will present an overview of the new features and improvements of Version 8 and explain how those new options can help in your applications.

The webinar will also focus on a product demo, which will demonstrate the new features live and in detail.

PDF Compressor Version 8

Training Video

PDF Compressor Version 8 For CVISION Clients

Foxit acquired CVISION Technologies, Inc. in 2017. Under Foxit, we have worked diligently to create a best-in-class PDF Compressor solution which combines the best features from CVISION’s PdfCompressor into the Foxit product.

To help CVISION customers with PdfCompressor 6.6 and earlier, we’ve created a training video that walks you through how to use the new interface and discusses some of the additional features we’ve added to the solution to help you create the best quality PDF documents while creating faster, cost-effective document processes.

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OCR in Healthcare - Maestro Success Story

With close to 500,000 electronic health records (EHR) in their database, leading cancer research and treatment center City of Hope would spend huge amounts of time manually searching for patient data critical to their research and treatment needs. The health center began looking for a robust OCR solution to recognize text on these scanned EHR image documents and index them in the database. Leveraging Foxit Maestro Server OCR server software allowed the organization to find information within patient files much faster, enabling faster care and accelerating research operations.

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