Rendition Server – Enterprise Document Conversion Platform

Faster, Digitally Transformed Business Processes with a Scalable, Secure Document Conversion Web Service

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Enable digital transformation of document processes to improve customer experience and optimize conversion strategies using a single, scalable platform designed for enterprise.

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Convert your scanned paper and image documents into the accessible, searchable, and optimized PDF and PDF/A assets your lines of business need to meet specific process requirements.

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Maintain a secure, modern IT environment with a made-for-cloud document conversion web service that operates on-premise. Avoid single points of failure with automatic failover and load balancing.

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What is Rendition Server?

Foxit Rendition Server delivers a robust set of document-to-PDF conversion functions to the entire enterprise from a single, highly scalable platform. By breaking down silos between how paper and digital documents are managed among disjointed business systems, Rendition Server reduces document processing costs, increases productivity, and enables digital transformation.

With a global team of experts in PDF technology behind it, Foxit Rendition Server supports highly specialized document conversion and creation options. These conversion strategies can be fine-tuned to optimize documents for faster customer experience, accessibility, searchability (OCR), digital archiving, and compliance requirements for court systems, government, life sciences, and financial services.

Rendition Server is an on-premise conversion web service platform that adds virtually limitless document-to-PDF processing capabilities to your enterprise workflows. It is a great fit for organizations who convert millions or billions of documents per year across multiple processes, systems, or departments.

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Digital Transformation Use Cases

Rendition Server Features

Create Faster Customer Experiences

Customers and prospects gravitate toward the vendor who can provide them with the fastest, smoothest experience. In order for enterprises to remain competitive with nimble, digital newcomers, they need to be able to support faster and leaner document processes. For example, the lender that can process all the documents associated with a mortgage loan application the fastest can turn around a faster approval decision to the borrower, making it more likely that they will win the business over slower competitors.

Rendition Server supports faster customer experiences by reliably automating large-scale document processing and minimizing exception handling time. With automatic failover and load-balancing, Rendition Server prevents any single point of failure from disrupting system performance. Further, the document conversion platform is fully scalable, enabling enterprises to automatically scale up or down to support peaks in processing demand effectively.

Lastly, with the ability to ingest a wide variety of image document and born-digital file formats, Rendition Server enables automatic processing of more documents. This limits the time and cost associated with manual exception handling and reduces the need to ask the customer to resubmit their documents in a different file format. With Rendition Server, your enterprise will create faster, leaner document processes that facilitate better customer experiences and more opportunities to generate new revenue as a result.

Break Down Silos with Enterprise Document-to-PDF Conversion

Different departments, locations, and processes within the same enterprise often use different document conversion solutions to grapple with the varying volumes and types of documents they receive. This silo approach leads to fragmented, inconsistent processing that can cause compliance issues, weakened business processes, and unstandardized repositories. In addition, enterprises using multiple document conversion solutions accrue unnecessary expenses tied to maintenance, training, and renewal expenses on those redundant technologies.

To save costs and ensure standardized document conversion across the organization, the modern enterprise needs a scalable, made-for-cloud solution that can process documents regardless of their input channel or file format. Rendition Server helps organizations break down document process silos by enabling them to manipulate a wide array of both paper and electronic inputs, including but not limited to common formats such as:

  • Scanned PDFs
  • TIFF images
  • Pictures from mobile devices
  • Faxes
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and more)
  • Email
  • HTML
  • Zip files
  • These inputs can then be transformed into documents that are full-text searchable with OCR, archivable, encrypted and password-protected, redacted, accessible, or otherwise according to the specification of individual document process needs. Further, as a fully scalable, made-for-cloud platform designed for high-throughput document processing, Rendition Server supports the varying volume needs of different departments and systems throughout the enterprise.

    100% Accurate Born-Digital to PDF Capture

    Born-digital documents are on the rise and require a different set of processing steps than image documents do. Many solutions attempt to re-OCR born-digital files such as Microsoft Office, emails, and electronically generated PDFs even though they already have existing text layers. Systems that do not account for this induce substantial reductions in performance and face unnecessary recognition errors which need to be corrected manually.

    With auto-detection of born-digital documents out of the box, Rendition Server bypasses OCR processing to avoid slowdowns and ensure 100% accurate born-digital to PDF conversion. This feature requires no special coding, professional services engagements, or taxing of internal resources to implement. Further, with born-digital auto-detection, Rendition Server eliminates the need to set up separate processes or pay for entirely separate conversion solutions to manage scanned image documents vs. born-digital files. This greatly helps with process efficiency and minimizes costs associated with document conversion.

    Easily Integrate Document Conversion into Your Enterprise Systems

    Large organizations can avoid paying for and managing multiple, disjointed document processing solutions by switching to a centralized platform that uses open interfaces to integrate easily into their existing systems. Rendition Server is designed to integrate high-throughput document conversion into your CRM, ERP, or ECM environments. By supporting SOAP, REST, and open interfaces, the extensible solution fits like a puzzle piece to act as the central conversion platform for digital transformation of all of your document processes, across departments, locations, and systems.

    Designed for next-generation, service-oriented IT architectures, Rendition Server provides microservices-based document conversion and creation for enterprise Content Services Platforms (CSPs). Gartner defines content services platforms as: “A set of services and microservices, embodied as an integrated product suite and applications that share common APIs and repositories, to exploit diverse content types and to serve multiple constituencies and numerous use cases across an organization.” 1

    With open interfaces, flexible deployment, and precise scalability, Rendition Server complements existing enterprise CSP frameworks elegantly with a full range of document-to-PDF conversion services.

    Beyond Folder Architecture: Faster Conversion from Anywhere

    Many document conversion solutions rely on watching local input folders to begin automated processing. Organizations can speed up document processes by initiating automatic conversion through more channels beyond the folder hierarchy. Rather than adapting your process to work with your document conversion solution, your conversion platform should adapt to your processes.

    Built for the modern enterprise, Rendition Server can be set up to initiate processing through diverse avenues. Rendition Server provides command line access, open interfaces, watch folder mode, and customizable options for further flexibility. For example, the software can be called when emails with attachments are received to a specified email address. When received, those documents will undergo automatic conversion per the strategies set by an administrator.

    Also, with a responsive web service interface, both mobile and desktop users can go through a secure web browser to interact with the platform quickly without going through a specific client-side machine. Rendition Server is designed to conform to your conversion workflow needs, not the other way around.

    In-House Foxit PDF Expertise and Agile Development

    With an in-house team of experts in PDF technology to rely on at Foxit, your IT unit won’t have to worry about ineffective communication with third-parties and middlemen. Your digital transformation success is our focus. In addition, with agile product development cycles, Foxit clients enjoy numerous updates per year to ensure their document conversion capabilities remain at the cutting edge of innovation.

    The Bavarian Judiciary met its changing compliance needs with the e-Justice Act in Germany using Foxit Rendition Server. With the ability to rapidly develop new product capabilities in-house, Foxit incorporated their needs into minor release versions that helped the large judicial body support their e-filing and conversion needs across its expansive network of court systems. Read more about their success in our case study provided in the next section.

    Core PDF Processing Feature Set

    Rendition Server supports an expansive set of document conversion capabilities for enterprise. With fully scalable, automated processing from a central point, Rendition Server enables your organization to digitally transform document processes for faster, more cost-efficient operations.

    Core PDF Processing Feature Set
    • Industry-leading document compression
    • ISO-compliant PDF conversion
    • PDF/A conversion (including all subtypes like PDF/A-2u)
    • Optical character recognition (OCR)
    • Redaction of sensitive data
  • Auto-tagging for more accessible documents
  • PDF encryption and password protection
  • Merge and split
  • Barcode generation for document tracking
  • Highly specialized and custom PDF processing
  • Enabling e-Justice Compliance for the Bavarian Judiciary

    The Bavarian Judiciary, the highest administrative authority in the Bavarian court system of Germany, achieves compliance with Germany’s e-Justice Act using Foxit Rendition Server. Read the success story to see how Rendition Server enables enterprise-wide conversion of documents across a complex set of input channels and IT systems.

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    Flexible Licensing Models for Rendition Server

    With several different licensing models – including project-based, annual, unlimited, and more – Rendition Server is flexible enough to meet any project's demands. Our licensing models can be combined together in different ways to meet your needs.

    Volume Pack

    Annual Volume



    One-time processing for a fixed number of pages

    Recurring, day-to-day document conversion processes

    Unlimited time and volume-based license

    Use the total number of licensed servers

    Flexible License Models that align with our partner’s Go-To-Market Strategy

    Ideal for:

    Project-based document processing

    Migration projects

    Converting old paper archives

    Finishing off production backlogs

    Ideal for:

    Supporting document processes on an ongoing basis

    Invoice processing

    Ongoing document compression projects

    Ideal for:

    Scan service providers, companies and organizations looking to invest just once in their document conversion workflow in order to reduce costs significantly.

    Ideal for:

    Document Processing Service Providers

    Software as a Services Providers

    Independent Software and Hardware Vendors

    Channel and Distribution Partners


    No time limit on license. Rechargeable at any time, compatible with latest software version. Available on the Windows platform only.


    If a company comes close to exceeding its annual page quota, they can combine the Annual Volume model with an additional Volume Pack model in reserve. Available on the Windows platform only.


    By licensing additional servers, Rendition Server can process millions to billions of pages every month. Available on the Windows platform only.


    Foxit is interested in strategic long term partnerships that are focused on partner success!


    Rendition Server Technical Architecture

    Technical architecture diagram for enterprise PDF conversion platform Rendition Server.

    How It Works

    Every conversion job begins by sending a request to the conversion web service. A request contains descriptions of the input and output, as well as the strategy selected and the properties added by the client. Each strategy defines which process should be executed and with which standard properties. For a deeper understanding of the technical architecture of Rendition Server, please contact us below.

    Technical Questions? We’re here to help.

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    Product specifications

    • Conversion web service: SOAP
    • O&M web service: REST/JSON
    Supported input formats
    • TIFF (including TIFF with JPEG compression)
    • MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    • Open Office: Writer, Calc, Impress
    • Email: EML, MSG, with attachments in supported formats
    • ASCII text, HTML
    Image data processing

    Foxit mixed raster content compression technology (MRC layer-based process)

    • JPEG 2000/JPEG/CCITT Group 4 compression for image layers, JBIG2 compression for black/white content and text
    • PDF- and PDF/A-compliant
    Text recognition
    • High-performance thanks to award winning OCR technology from Nuance®
    • More than 120 languages recognized
    • Create text searchable PDF and PDF/A files
    PDF/A – Embedded files
    • Create FeRD-compatible PDF/A-3 files with embedded ZUGFeRD XML and XMP metadata
    • ISO 19005-1-compatible PDF/A-1a and -1b
    • ISO 19005-2-compatible PDF/A-2u and -2b
    • ISO 19005-3-compatible PDF/A-3u and -3b
    • TAA Compliance

    System requirements

    Supported operating systems:
    • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012 R2, 2016, or 2019
    • CPU: Intel/AMD or compatible 64-bit processors, multi-core
    • RAM: Minimum 4 GB per core
    • Fast storage for caching and swapping
    • A standard installation requires 500 MB storage space
    • Absolute minimum requirements for installation. Requirements for productive operations will be defined on an individual basis.
    • Microsoft® IIS 7.5 or newer with ASP.NET 4
    • Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 or newer
    • Microsoft®.NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher
    • Microsoft® Office Applications: 2010, 2013, or 2016
    • Apache OpenOffice 4.x or LibreOce 6x

    Technical Questions? We’re here to help.

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