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PDF Compressor Features

Automated Document-to-PDF Conversion

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Foxit’s PDF Compressor lowers processing costs by replacing manual processes with touchless document-to-PDF conversion. The software is designed with more features built around simple, automated document processing than any other solution, including:

  • Intuitive job ticketing
  • Watch folders
  • API
  • Command-line interface
  • Remote management as an unattended Windows service

Inside the interface, users can manage conversion processes all from one screen and prioritize different workflows quickly and easily. By focusing on efficiency and ease of use, PDF Compressor is designed to minimize manual involvement in document conversion, freeing up employees to dedicate time to higher value-added tasks. This streamlines process costs and promotes a healthy bottom line within your department and for your organization.

Convert Scanned Documents to Optimized PDF

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Convert scanned documents in image formats such as TIFF, JPEG, and PNG into optimized PDF files. By creating documents that are highly compressed, searchable, and more accessible, your organization can create faster, more efficient document processes.

For example, Foxit’s industry-leading document compression cuts download time in half for bloated image documents. This facilitates faster communication with customers and helps to improve satisfaction. In addition, compressed documents are easier to work with for remote workers accessing them on mobile devices or pulling documents from the cloud.

Paper to Digital input types supported (including common variations):

  • TIFF to PDF
  • JPEG to PDF
  • JPEG 2000 to PDF
  • PNG to PDF
  • PDF to searchable PDF
  • GIF to PDF
  • BMP to PDF
  • PNM to PDF
  • Faster and More Accurate Born-Digital Conversion

Convert digitally born documents, such as email and Microsoft Office, to PDF faster and more accurately with born-digital auto-detection. PDF Compressor will uniquely detect pre-existing text layers in born-digital documents and bypass the OCR phase, improving system performance, reducing unnecessary exception handling, and avoiding exposure to re-recognition errors that other solutions subject your workflows to.

Unattended auto-processing of born-digital assets means that electronic documents do not need to be separated from image documents in your workflows. Without coding, professional services engagements, or additional resources, Foxit’s PDF Compressor automatically detects and treats born-digital documents more efficiently.

Born-Digital to PDF input types supported (including common variations):

  • Microsoft Word to PDF
  • MS Excel to PDF
  • MS PowerPoint to PDF
  • MS Project to PDF
  • MS Visio to PDF
  • Email to PDF
  • Zip to PDF
  • HTML to PDF
  • OpenOffice to PDF
  • Text (.txt) to PDF

The software boasts unparalleled, industry-leading document compression that efficiently compresses paper and scanned image documents without loss of image quality. PDF Compressor reduces black & white image document file size by up to 10x. For color image documents, our leading MRC compression can minimize file size by as much as 100:1.

Organizations with large document repositories can use our state-of-the-art document compression technology to reduce on-premise and cloud storage costs by up to 50%. For organizations with a larger proportion of scanned documents and image files, this number can be even greater. Document compression is effective for reducing server load and managing paid storage space in third-party applications such as in email archiving and for document storage in a CRM like Salesforce.

Generate New Revenue with Faster Document Processes

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PDF Compressor converts paper and electronic documents to optimized PDF. The software reduces manual exception handling time in capture processes with an expansive list of supported input file types of PDF such as XFA PDF forms and hybrid PDFs. The ability to ingest more documents successfully helps push more documents through your processes quickly. This positions your organization to respond to market opportunities more rapidly and improve customer satisfaction by providing faster response times.

For example, the financial institution that can approve a loan the fastest has a higher chance of winning the business. By being able to push more documents through its automated workflows without kicking out exceptions or corrupting important data, the bank can approve the loan and respond to the customer more quickly, beating competitors to the punch in the process. As a bonus, less exception handling means lower process costs and less manual involvement, creating further efficiency in your operations.

Document Archiving with Comprehensive PDF/A Support

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Convert paper, scanned images, and electronic documents to the ISO-compliant general archiving standard PDF/A-2u format or specialized subtypes such as:

  • PDF/A-1
  • PDF/A-1b
  • PDF/A-2a
  • PDF/A-2b
  • PDF/A-2u
  • PDF/A-3a
  • PDF/A-3b
  • PDF/A-3u

Preserve documents in a stable, secure digital format for years to come. Designed specifically for long-term digital preservation, PDF/A conversion with Foxit PDF Compressor helps organizations achieve compliance with industry regulations and audit requirements by ensuring documents can be accessed in their original format after years of storage. In addition, with automated OCR, archived documents are rapidly converted into searchable format, replacing manual information-seeking with simple, instant keyword search on an indexable repository.

Batch Conversion and Multi-Threading for High-Volume Processing

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With batch OCR and conversion, users can queue processing for numerous documents at one time, a much more effective high-volume alternative to basic PDF editors and free online tools which typically only support one-at-a-time conversion. Further, when enabled multi-threading allows users to process documents simultaneously (i.e. two cores process two documents at once, 32 cores process 32 documents at once) for document conversion workflows, up to billions of pages per year.

Web-optimize PDF Files for Internet Viewing

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While Foxit's advanced file compression can dramatically reduce file size, documents with many pages can still take some time to download.  If one wishes to view a document online, a lag in waiting to view it can negatively impact the user experience.  To avoid this lag, we are able to web-optimize PDF files through an encoding method known as linearization.  With these web-optimized files, the first page of the document is available for viewing in your web browser immediately after that page downloads, without having to wait for the rest of the file to finish downloading.  This optimization offers a much more streamlined viewing experience.

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