PII Redaction

PII Redaction2

Protect Your Customers Sensitive Data

Help eliminate PII with automated redaction across millions of documents.

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Enterprise Level Redaction

Quickly remove PII from millions of digital and scanned documents

  • Names
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Credit Card Numbers

Unsecured PII Data is a Goldmine for Identity Thieves

Leading Results with Our Technology

Automate your redaction process by instantly redacting a document with hundreds of pages.

Overwrite redacted text with alternative text.

Redline and mark the information needed for your redaction job.

Create redaction reports that shows you where all the hits associated with the redaction job were found in a document.

Easily set repetitive redaction jobs for multiple documents and save your redaction profile.

Utilize deeper redaction and go into the metadata of your documents.

Redact Hundreds of Pages in Seconds

Redact Hundreds of Pages in Seconds
  • Set redaction settings in minutes

  • Redline and mark for redaction

  • Repeat redaction jobs

  • Create redaction reports


Licensing is designed to be flexible and easy to work with for both optimizing backfile conversion of legacy documents or converting recurring volumes of documents in your live business processes.

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