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Avoid Unpredictable Egress/Storage Costs

Help your IT department cut cloud egress/storage costs with our document compression technology.

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Egress Fees Can Break Your Budgeting

Changes to business requirements can cause dramatic increases to downloaded cloud content; meaning you have no choice but to pay up when it comes to storage of and access to necessary documents.

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Leading Results with Our Technology

Reduce Storage & Egress Costs by 50% or More with Advanced Document Compression

Compress content already in the cloud.

Many cloud environments charge for storage, making them more and more expensive over time as your organization accumulates more content. In addition, be aware of “egress” charges, which many vendors collect to access your content. These can be unpredictable as system usage changes, and therefore put your organization at risk of budget overruns. Easily compress existing files on the cloud to save you time and space for your new files. When content is compressed, downloads can be faster because the files are smaller—in some cases more than 50%.

Faster and more cost-effective content migrations.

It can take days (and at times, weeks) to move terabytes of documents from your old on-premise systems to a new, cloud-based environment. This can be costly and often causes painful transition processes, as users can’t update either the old or the new systems. Leverage advanced document compression to reduce the total amount of content that needs to be migrated. In many cases, your image-based document storage can be reduced by 80% or more while converting documents to industry standard PDF files.


Licensing is designed to be flexible and easy to work with for both optimizing backfile conversion of legacy documents or converting recurring volumes of documents in your live business processes.

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