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Remote Workers Lose Thousands of Hours Accessing Documents

While we’ve come a long way since the dial-up days, our clients in document-centric industries say remote employees still lose thousands of hours waiting for large files to upload, download, and open.

So, if you’re wondering why your remote workforce isn’t meeting your SLAs, this could be a reason. And now, when more workers are being required to work remotely, the slowdown could get worse.

Internet and Software Speed Still Pose Technical Problems

Internet and software speeds have never been faster, yet remote employees still experience poor connectivity and slowdowns when retrieving and opening large documents. That puts even greater pressure on your IT team to make access to business-critical data more efficient.

The Business Impact:

Weeks of Lost Productivity

While remote employees’ frustration increases, the hours spent waiting add up to weeks of lost productivity, causing:

Customer dissatisfaction due to long wait times

Revenue lost due to not meeting customer demand

Missed business SLAs when employees can’t meet performance goals

Employee retention issues due to dissatisfaction with workflow

Higher labor costs to manage document-intensive business processes

Solutions to the Rescue

The good news is, you can improve remote employee efficiency by making document and content access faster:

Reduce file download times by 50% or more by shrinking document sizes via advanced document compression.

Speed up file open times and improve user experience with faster ways to display documents onscreen

Make it faster to find content by converting static documents to searchable PDF files

The time is right to remove any hurdles that stand in the way of your remote workforce.

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