Foxit PDF Editor Suite Expands AI Capabilities, Unveiling Powerful "Smart Commands" and Enhanced AI Assistant Functionality

FREMONT, Calif. – (March 12, 2024) Foxit, a leading provider of innovative PDF and eSignature solutions, today announced further advancements to its AI capabilities across the 2024 Foxit PDF Editor Suite. The enhancements include the introduction of Smart PDF Commands alongside a range of exciting improvements to the existing ChatGPT-based AI Assistant in both the desktop and cloud versions.

Boosting Efficiency with Smart Commands

Foxit PDF Editor Suite users can now leverage Smart PDF Commands, a powerful new feature designed to streamline document processing workflows. Smart Commands supports over 80 pre-defined actions, including the ability to effortlessly create and edit PDFs from various sources including images, text files, and webpages as well as combining files, organizing documents and managing forms. Foxit PDF Editor Suite users can easily type in PDF commands to efficiently accomplish tasks like page navigation, document orientation and page extraction.

"Foxit is committed and focused on providing organizations the most innovative AI solutions available to increase productivity, efficiency and enable customers to do more with their documents,” Phil Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, at Foxit. “Incorporating these new capabilities into Foxit PDF Editor Suite further cements the company as a pioneer in seamlessly merging AI technology with PDF editing solutions.”

The enhancements to Foxit PDF Editor Suite also include increased functionality of its ChatGPT-based AI Assistant, empowering users to achieve even greater document productivity. Some of the new capabilities include:

·         Automated Summarization: Generate concise summaries of entire documents or specific sections, saving time and effort.

·         Accelerated Information Retrieval: The AI Assistant intelligently analyzes content to provide precise answers to user queries, highlighting relevant passages for easy reference.

·         Effortless Content Search: Quickly locate specific information within documents by simply typing a prompt.

·         Chat and Interact: Get answers to document-related questions through a natural chat interface.

·         Define and Clarify: Obtain instant explanations and definitions for terms or sentences within your documents.

·         Enhance Writing: Effortlessly paraphrase or rewrite sentences for improved clarity and readability.

·         Fix Spelling and Grammar: Ensure error-free communication with AI-powered spell checking and grammar correction.

·         Translate Text and Documents: Bridge language barriers by translating text or entire documents into various languages directly within the software.

Seamless Experience Across Platforms

The AI Assistant and Smart PDF Commands seamlessly integrate into both the Foxit PDF Editor Suite's Desktop application and Cloud product providing a consistent and user-friendly experience regardless of your preferred work environment.

Pricing and Availability

The Foxit PDF Editor Suite, including the AI Assistant and Smart PDF Commands is available for purchase through a subscription model. Visit the Foxit website for more information on pricing and plans.

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