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Foxit eSlick Now Supports Japanese DRM (Keyring)

Fremont, CA – Nov. 16, 2009 –Foxit Corporation, a leader in mobile/desktop PDF solutions, announces the Japanese version of Foxit eSlick. The first ebook with a Japanese user interface and Japanese Digital Rights Management (Keyring) in Japan. With these new features Foxit eSlick looks to make eSlick a more localized as well as user-friendly product to the Japanese market. Already having a presence in Japan, Foxit looks to build on its unrivalled support and supreme technology in Japan.

Japanese DRM leads to new Intiatives

With the new Japanese DRM in place for Foxit eSlick, Foxit has already started to collabrate with other businesses to extend solutions to the Japanese market. Collaborating with Hypergear East and Mainichi Paper Company, Foxit eSlick is positioned to offer progressive content and business solutions in Japan starting in December 2009.

"Foxit eSlick has reached an inflection point with the addition of Japanese DRM. Foxit is at the forefront to offer solutions in Japanese in an ebook reader format. We have gone to great efforts to make strides to enter the Japanese market and this is a big step in that direction. Foxit is now ready to serve both enterprise and individual users of Foxit eSlick in Japan’s vertical markets. We look forward to working within these markets to offer cutting-edge solutions in ebook technology.” said Shinichi Mori President of Foxit Japan.

Foxit eSlick extends on PDF solutions

The Foxit eSlick is built off of one of its key products – the popular Foxit Reader, Foxit has not only gained the trust of over 90 million users worldwide, but also successfully built up its reputation in the PDF industry over the past few years. Several big clients of Foxit are from top-rated software companies, government agencies, organizations and technology institutions worldwide, including: Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Xerox, and the United States Department of Defense. For more information about Foxit Japan, please visit

About Foxit

Foxit Corporation is the global leader in e-document solutions ranging from handhelds to desktop to enterprise to on demand — enabling businesses worldwide. Trusted by more than 100 million users worldwide and used by major technology, healthcare and financial services companies like Microsoft, Intel, Xerox, Bank of America, NASA etc., customers rely on Foxit’s products to reduce costs, increase ROI and go green. Headquartered in Fremont, California, Foxit believes in breakthrough thinking, innovation and unrivalled customer support.

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