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DynamicPDF makers partner with Foxit Corporation

ceTe Software, makers of the DynamicPDF line of software tools and components are happy to announce their strategic partnership with Foxit Corporation, makers of Foxit Reader, a free and award winning PDF document viewer.

The Foxit partnership helps ceTe Software to expand its DynamicPDF product line, which offers real-time PDF solutions to software developers. The partnership gives ceTe Software access to Foxit’s mature and light-weight PDF rendering technology which it can combine with its expertise in PDF creation and manipulation to provide a new exciting set of controls and server side tools.

"With this partnership, we are happy to bring to our customers a complete range of solutions for PDF related development" said Andrew Cochran, founder and CEO of ceTe Software. "Foxit Reader is a leading alternative to Adobe Reader and we couldn’t think of a better company to partner with, to combine their skills in PDF rendering with our expertise in PDF generation. We are now able to give software developers a wider range of solutions in PDF technologies, more than we have been able to over the last 8 years in this field. For DynamicPDF users and other software developers needing PDF solutions this is good news. They will have one place they can come to for dependable PDF tools backed by excellent support."

Foxit Corporation is also thrilled about this partnership initiative. "DynamicPDF products complement Foxit products well and we are glad to provide our core PDF rendering engine to ceTe Software for them to build upon and create better tools for software developers" avowed Eugene Xiong, CEO of Foxit. "Foxit Corporation has positioned itself to be a PDF technology solution provider and we are happy to contribute to the growth of robust PDF tools."

About ceTe Software
ceTe Software has been developing quality software components and applications for customers since 1997. They have over eight years of experience in the field of PDF related components and tools. Their DynamicPDF product line has proven their commitment to delivering powerful yet uncomplicated software and their ability to respond to the changing needs of software developers.

About Foxit Corporation
Founded in 1996, Foxit Corporation was initially a network application company. Foxit has devised many popular products, such as: Koala Terminal, Secured Koala Terminal, and Windows Access Server. Starting in 2000, Foxit Corporation has been focusing on the electronic publishing and documenting field. Implementation of PDF Core technologies has become the primary development task. Today, the Foxit PDF product line covers many types of PDF applications.

Robert Watkins, [email protected]
VP of Sales and Marketing, ceTe Software

George Gao, [email protected]
VP of Sales and Marketing, Foxit Corporation