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How to Achieve the Paperless Office

The 6 Step Guide to Successfully Implement Digital Document Workflows

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Who We Are

Foxit is a leading PDF solutions provider for businesses. Our mission is to develop market leading and innovative PDF products and services, helping knowledge workers to increase their productivity, meet their PDF needs and Do More With Documents.

Leading Companies Choose Foxit Solutions

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'I have been able to cut down on the physical paper used in my office by a 2/3's.'
Construction Entrepreneur
'The Scan to OCR feature really helped us in archiving paper documents which are now stored as searchable PDFs!'
Brandon B - Zoning Plans Examiner
Government Administration
'Outstanding Document Solutions. Add a digital signature just as simply as if one was using a physical paper document.'
Grant C - Client Site Services Area Manager
G2 Badge Enterprise Leader Winter 2020

Going Paperless Is Easy! Let Us Help You with a Solution that Covers 6 Simple Steps

  • Convert your paper into digital documents
  • Replace paper forms with interactive PDF forms
  • Standardize on a PDF editor and ECM for all documents
  • Digitalize document workflows in your applications
  • Choose an electronic signing solution
  • Celebrate your paperless success

Transforming to a Paperless Office Brings Many Advantages

  • Reduce storage costs
  • Manage documentation
  • Share documents faster
  • Connect knowledge workers within your organization
  • Improve your company’s green footprint

Going paperless can always seem daunting at first. This free 15-minute on-demand webinar covers the best practices to achieve a paperless office in just six simple steps. Find out why over 560 million users have chosen Foxit’s software products to implement their paperless office strategy.