Enhancing Bank Processes for the Next Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the country’s economy and has thrust financial institutions to the forefront. Record-low interest rates sent homeowners scrambling to refinance their homes and encouraged a surge in homebuying. Small business owners rushed to secure PPP loans to keep their businesses afloat. Meanwhile, nationwide shelter-in-place mandates led to a growing dependence on technology by FIs just to maintain smooth business operations. Even after the global crisis subsides, customers will have formed new banking habits and FIs will have to respond in kind. We’re transitioning to a new normal, requiring banks and credit unions to enhance their processes to better serve their communities.

Join us for this free webinar where we share how you can immediately enhance your legacy business processes so you can meet your customers exactly where they are. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why current backend processes won’t cut it in the new normal
  • How digitizing backend processes saves costs and improves efficiencies
  • Which process to be modernized today

About the Presenter:


Stanley Chow

Senior Product Marketing Manager

GG Guillermo (GG) Gonzalez

GG Guillermo (GG) Gonzalez

Senior Product Specialist

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