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Create Court-Friendly Documents

Electronic filing (E-filing) is a standard practice for a majority of courtrooms across the world. Many courts require documents to be submitted as a PDF, as it retains the original layout and ensures that people can see the same file. Foxit PDF Editor gives you the ability to easily generate PDFs, reduce the document size, and create a searchable document easily within the same program.

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Protect Confidential Information

It is essential for law firms to ensure that their information is secure. Foxit PDF Editor allows you to redact any text or image permanently with easy-to-use redaction tools to ensure privacy for select information. Auto-search through pattern recognition gives users the ability to efficiently redact PDFs.

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Transform to a Paperless Law Firm

The PDF Standard: PDF technology has become a relevant technology in the legal field and has established itself as the standard for document digitization. With PDF software like Foxit PDF Editor, users now have the ability to work with digital documents the same way that they would with paper while saving on costs. Foxit PDF Editor allows users to create, convert, comment, and organize digital documents within a single platform. However, these aspects only touch the surface level features of PDF software.

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Compile Digital Binders & PDF Portfolios

Lawyers can combine all their documents within the same digital binder, with subfolders for better organization and easy access to data. It’s important to have different file types when it comes down to compiling gathered information for case files, and with a PDF portfolio you are no longer limited to just PDF files. Instead, you can add audio, video, Word, Excel, HTML files and more, making it the perfect solution for eDiscovery.

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Sign Legal Documents

When it comes to signing legal documents, security is a must. Foxit PDF Editor provides robust, secure and quick signatures features such as digital signature, DocuSign, and quick PDF sign. A digital signature can be used to authenticate the identity of a user as well as the document content. It stores information about the signer along with the date, time, and state of the document when it was signed.

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Secure PDF Documents

Knowing who has access to view a file is important to track your documents and keep information secure from internal and external leaks. Legal firms can set different security levels to their PDF documents in Foxit PDF Editor and control specifically what people can do with the document. The owner of the document can restrict another person’s ability to apply edits such as copying text, deleted pages, or adding comments. With PDF security, the owner can also prevent other users from printing their document, as well as creating a custom password to lock their PDF documents for extra security.

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Integrate DMS Like iManage, NetDocuments, Opentext eDocs, Worldox

Keeping documents organized for workflow productivity is essential for Legal firms. Foxit PDF Editor’s integrations with multiple Cloud Storage Services, Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMs), and Document Management Systems (DMS) allows users to create, open, save, etc. PDF files using their centralized on-premises or cloud systems effortlessly for enhanced workflow productivity. iManage and NetDocument are some of the many integrations popular amongst legal companies that Foxit PDF Editor covers.

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Archive Outlook Emails

Foxit PDF Editor gives you the ability to create PDF files from the entire Microsoft Office suite while automatically keeping bookmarks, links, hyperlinks, and outlines from your source files. Easily archive and convert emails into a searchable PDF format directly from Outlook.

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