Foxit eSign Gets The Mobile Treatment With Launch Of New iOS Mobile App

Foxit also Introduces Powerful New APIs and Increased Compliance to Foxit eSign

FREMONT, Calif. – (April 6, 2021) — Foxit, a leading provider of innovative PDF and eSignature products and services, helping knowledge workers to increase their productivity and do more with documents, today announced the launch of the Foxit eSign iOS mobile app, allowing users to prepare, send, sign and manage documents from anywhere. Foxit has also announced the inclusion of powerful new APIs for developers and with improved compliance for Foxit eSign.

Foxit’s eSign iOS mobile app is an exciting new extension to the recently launched Foxit eSign solution. Users will now be able to prepare documents, create their templates, assign recipients, and send for signing with just a few taps on their mobile device while on the go. The new solution also comes with an offline mode that allows users to get documents signed where the internet is not available, and sync completed documents once connected again. Users leveraging the app will have tamper-proof and legally signed documents that can be used for practically any function. 

Key features and functions of the new Foxit eSign iOS app include: 

  • Intuitive and parallel workflow-based interface that fluidly guides you from template creation to sending and storing for a more streamlined and efficient experience

  • Reduced customer onboarding times with an easy-to-use design and step-by-step signing walkthrough

  • Easily guide recipients when you're not there in person by establishing signer roles, pre-filling information, and marking required fields on documents

  • Establish ordered signing and keep things moving by arranging signer sequences for multiple signatories

  • Upload documents in almost any file format and convert to PDF in a snap, including DOC, DOCX, XLSX, XLS, PPT, PPTX, CSV, TXT, RTF, and PNG

  • Prepare your documents for signing quickly and easily by dragging and dropping signature fields, date fields, data entry fields, and advanced field options, such as hyperlinks and accept/decline options

  • Simplify the sending process by generating a unique signing link in one click to email clients, allowing them to sign on any device connected to the internet

The New Foxit eSign app can be easily and quickly downloaded to your preferred iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) right from the convenience of the Apple Store.

Increased Compliance

Foxit has also announced it has met or exceeded industry compliance requirements as HIPAA, FERPA, FINRA, 21 CFR Part 11, CCPA, and more, all through its mobile iOS signing solution. In addition, Foxit eSign utilizes features, such as knowledge-based authentication (KBA), to ensure compliance more easily with IRS forms, 21 CFR Part 11 documentation, banking documents, and more. Foxit eSign also ensures accurate and valid documents through identity verification options, such as two-factor (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA), allowing users to establish and prove signer identities throughout the mobile signing process.

Foxit eSign is compliant with the Electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services (eIDAS) as set forth by EU regulations for transactions in the European Single Market. For European customers, Foxit eSign services are also hosted in the AWS EU data centers located in Frankfurt, Germany and maintain complete GDPR compliance with SSAE16 facilities that are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and PCI compliant.

Improved APIs

A great deal of focus was put on making Foxit eSign an intuitive and powerful tool for developers. New additions to Foxit eSign’s eSignature API make it a purpose-built and enterprise-ready solution capable of streamlining productivity, adding important functionality, and reducing costs. The solution has made it easy for developers to save time and reduce the effort of everyday tasks such as gathering important paperwork and agreements from employees. Instead of manually communicating with and gathering documents from each employee, eSignature APIs are able to automate the signing process in seconds.

By using Foxit’s eSignature API, businesses can both transform their workflows and seamlessly meet the needs of their customers in vital ways. Organizations can now allow users to pre-fill information about the document prior to sending, sign directly within the business website or application, download extensive Excel reports with advanced filters, just to name a few. Leveraging webhooks, Foxit eSign applications can automatically sync customer data in-application with any relevant information present in the signature. With all of these upgrades to Foxit eSign APIs, the solution is taking the ability to sign a PDF to the next level by placing customized and comprehensive signing power into the hands of businesses and their customers.

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