New Foxit Software-Sponsored Study Investigates The Challenges To Reducing Paper and Boosting End-User Productivity

In Partnership with The Center for Digital Government, Foxit Outlines How Better Tools Can Help Government Organizations Move Toward a More Efficient, Digital Future

FREMONT, Calif. (December 14, 2020)— Foxit Software, a leading provider of innovative PDF products and services, helping knowledge workers to increase their productivity and do more with documents, today announced the findings of a new survey, conducted in partnership with the Center for Digital Government, examining how government organizations can reduce paper and boost end-user productivity.

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The electronic document adoption survey of 82 state and local government leaders examined document-rich areas such as general administration, human resources, permitting, taxation/revenue, licensing, and the court systems. The study found that over 52 percent of government agencies stated paper documents make up about half or more of initial records. Yet, according to the study, 68 percent of survey respondents indicated eliminating paper is moderate to very urgent and 70 percent indicated the need for digital documents would increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic,the shift to remote work, and virtual services.

The study also indicated that when it comes to helping them reduce paper, state and local governments need a PDF editor that is less costly and easier to deploy.  The majority of respondents say their current PDF tools aren’t helping them reduce their reliance on paper because they are too expensive, especially with PDF vendors moving from one-time license agreements to on-going subscription-based models.

The findings of the study will be the focus of an upcoming webinar with Federal Business Council as part of their Virtual and IT Cyber Day. The webinar, taking place on Tuesday, December 15th at 10:40 a.m. EST, will give attendees insight into the adoption of electronic documents, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on remote workers, and challenges government organizations face going paperless.

“We believe this study illustrates the need for government organizations to prioritize solutions that will usher in the move to a more efficient digital office in order to boost productivity,” said DeeDee Kato, VP of Corporate Marketing at Foxit Software.  “For government organizations, being able to implement a cost effective, easy-to-use interface that includes feature parity with easier to manage licenses where users are not locked in or named, can be an absolute game changer. We believe Foxit’s PDF software and tools can help government organizations accelerate their move away from paper and toward a more efficient, digital future.”

Highlights of the study findings include:
·         Despite the prevalence of paper, most survey respondents say eliminating or reducing paper is a priority within their agencies.
·         More than 50 percent of agencies still use paper for at least half of their records.
·         68 percent of survey respondents say eliminating paper is moderately to very urgent.
·         70 percent of respondents say digital docs/forms will definitely or very likely increase due to the pandemic.
·         70 percent of respondents say accessibility on constituent-facing applications is either important or extremely important.


About the Center for Digital Government

The Center for Digital Government, a division of e.Republic, is a national research and advisory institute on information technology policies and best practices in state and local government. Through its diverse and dynamic programs and services, the Center provides public and private sector leaders with decision support, knowledge and opportunities to help them effectively incorporate new technologies in the 21st century.

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