Foxit’s Latest PDF Editor Launch to Include PDF Editor Pro +

New Premier Version Provides the Ability to Create, Edit, Form Fill, and eSign Documents at One Affordable Price

FREMONT, Calif. – (June 28, 2022) Foxit, a leading provider of innovative PDF and eSignature products and services, helping knowledge workers to increase their productivity and do more with documents, today announced the launch of Foxit PDF Editor Version 12, including the introduction of PDF Editor Pro +, the most complete offering of Foxit PDF editing tools ever made available. 

PDF Editor Pro + is an editor and eSign solution combination that allows users to create, edit, form fill, and eSign documents all in one place at an affordable price. PDF Editor Pro + is a complete solution that consists of PDF Editor Pro (Windows) or PDF Editor (Mac), PDF Editor for Cloud, PDF Editor for Mobile and Foxit eSign (supporting both cloud and mobile app platforms). The comprehensive offering allows users to create, edit and sign PDF documents anywhere, on any platform – including desktop, mobile, or the cloud.  

Amazing Introductory Offering

Customers signing up for PDF Editor Pro + will also receive an amazing added bonus - unlimited personal eSignatures. Users will be able to eSign their own documents within the PDF Editor and automate how they collect eSignatures on documents sent to multiple people as often as they need at no additional cost.

“Our focus on innovation, customer experience and affordability has led to the launch of PDF Editor Pro +, our most comprehensive and customer friendly PDF package to date,” said Phil Lee, CRO of Foxit. “It is extremely important to us that our users have the tools that they need where and when they need them, whether that be in the office or on the move. PDF Editor Pro + ensures our customers always have editing and eSign capabilities at their fingertips.” 

To learn more, Foxit is offering a 5-part complimentary webinar series.

Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor allows users to create awesome PDFs with powerful yet easy workflows across desktop, mobile, and cloud – whether at the office, home, or on the go. Foxit PDF Editor provides a cost-effective solution for business professionals to work securely with PDF documents and forms. It provides a full featured platform to view, create, edit, collaborate, share, secure, organize, export, OCR, and sign PDF documents.  Integration with Foxit eSign makes eSigning documents even easier.

Foxit PDF Editor provides unmatched benefits and features to users, including:

  • Quickly and easily update your own PDF documents

  • Integration with Foxit eSign to:

    • Create, edit and sign legally binding documents without leaving your PDF editor

    • Easily collect signatures from multiple contacts and manage an eSignature workflow

  • Export PDF to popular file formats

  • Manipulate PDF files and pages

  • Annotate, share, and collaborate with PDF

  • Create PDF docs, forms, and portfolios

  • Protect the information in your confidential documents

  • Improve document accessibility through assistive technology

Foxit PDF Editor V12 offers many upgrades and user experience improvements.  Highlights include:

  • Add Accounting Calculations with tape - You can open an Accounting Calculator window within the application and, after performing the calculations, insert it into your PDF document as a tape.

  • Cross References - Create connectors that appear on the document as annotations and connect to each other as links, thereby automating the process of creating several interconnected links in a PDF document.

  • View Documents Side by Side - Create “tab groups” within a single window of PDF Editor. These groups are shown side by side, so the two documents can be viewed within a single window.

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About Foxit 

Foxit is a leading provider of innovative PDF and eSignature products and services, helping knowledge workers to increase their productivity and do more with documents. Foxit delivers easy-to-use desktop software, mobile apps, and cloud services that allow users to create, edit, fill, and sign documents through their integrated PDF Editor and eSign offerings. Foxit enables software developers to incorporate innovative PDF technology into their applications via powerful, multi-platform Software Developer Kits (SDK). 

Foxit has over 700 million users and has sold to over 485,000 customers, ranging from SMBs to global enterprises, located in more than 200 countries. The company has offices all over the world, including locations in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Asia. For more information, please visit

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