Foxit eSign Adds Qualified Electronic Signatures To Meet Highest Levels of Assurance and Security

The New Enhancement Makes Signer Authentication Using Qualified Trust Services Easy and Secure

FREMONT, Calif. – (May 10, 2022) — Foxit, a leading provider of innovative PDF and eSignature products and services, announced today that Qualified Electronic Signatures are now included in the Foxit eSign platform. This new addition to Foxit eSign will allow users to leverage electronic signing in situations that require remote in-app identification using eIDAS qualified trust services while signing a document. 

Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) provide the highest level of security and verification and are seen as the gold standard in legally binding signed documents. The QES level is often leveraged by government institutions and organizations requiring identity proof to meet and comply with stringent legal regulations and standards, including birth certificate requests, license applications, SSI documents, and more. Banks and financial institutions also leverage the QES standard to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and other industry regulations. QESs are recognized in every EU member state and the U.K. as legal and valid when using the highest qualified level identity verification methods using a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP).

“Foxit is committed to helping its customers leverage the speed, convenience, and security of electronic signatures in any situation. Most documents require only a standard electronic signature to be legally binding. However, this higher level of certification is a requirement in some jurisdictions and transactions,” said Mahender Bist, SVP of Foxit eSign at Foxit. “Adding QES to Foxit eSign assures our customers they can use electronic signatures for virtually any transaction.”  

Benefits of leveraging QES include: 

  • Complies with eIDAS, ESIGN and UETA

  • Provides thorough and tamper-evident audit history

  • Establishes identity through Face or Touch ID verification processes that are provided by independent Qualified Trust Providers

  • Leverages a personal signing key/bar code known only to the signer

  • Provides digital certificates of completion from a QTSP 

Foxit eSign provides full, legally binding, and secure eSign workflow and makes it easy to create and sign digital contracts, agreements, and forms to expedite business in a digital world. With Foxit’s electronic signature service now available within Foxit’s flagship PDF Editor, today’s workers can quickly and conveniently use a complete set of PDF editing tools, including form creation, redaction, page editing, and collaboration before sending and signing documents. All this can be done without having to access any additional applications. 

With Foxit’s complete and powerful e-sign solution, users can:

  • Prepare documents, contracts, forms, templates, and more

  • Send documents from anywhere in seconds

  • Sign contracts and complete documents

  • Manage signed documents, workflows, and reports

  • Store completed signed documents

  • Maintain industry and HIPAA compliance

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