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Here is a section of testimonials showing some feedback for Foxit Reader from our users worldwide. You're always welcome to send us your comments and suggestions.

"…In all seriousness FoxIt Software's PDF Reader deserves to be on millions and millions of computers. 
PDF Reader loads like greased lightening ...
PDF Reader has a simple yet truly elegant UI…"

Posted by Gregory on March 2nd, 2010

"…I use the one from Foxit Software. It doesn't do everything that Adobe Reader does, but it should be enough for almost everyone.
If, for some reason, Adobe Reader can't be un-installed, then at least don't make it the default program for opening PDFs, and be sure to turn off Javascript…"

Posted by Michael Horowitz on February, 2010 from

"Another free solution is provided by Foxit Corporation with its PDF reader, now at version 3.0. Foxit Reader 3.0 boasts a small download size (3.6MB versus 41.1MB for the Adobe 9.1 package), fast launch speeds and a rich feature set...

We tried a 700-page PDF manual comprising text and images, and with both apps, the application load time coupled with file opening was less than two seconds. To ensure this wasn't a tribute to the laptop's processor, an Atom notebook was also enlisted — with similar results. "

Posted by Andrew Harrison,PC Advisor(UK) Apr/06/2009 from 0/298071

"I spend much of my time reading and needing to annotate PDF manuals and training materials. May I say how pleasantly surprised I have been by your Foxit Reader (Pro Pack version)… It's fast, efficient, easy to use, has a wealth of annotation and markup capabilities, and even comes in a portable variant. I was absolutely shocked to discover that your support department is available by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week….
At its price point, this software is an exceptional value. I found it to be extremely polished, capable, and with a range of facilities far beyond what I was expecting… "

by Steve Amos on Mar/10/2009

"…The third major new tool is a plug-in for Foxit itself. Called the OnDemand Content Management, it lets you organize, share, and edit content from within Foxit with other Foxit users. It makes Foxit competitive with Google Docs, Zoho, and other Web-based collaborative tools. Once the add-on has been installed, users should check out the program's OnDemand instructions on the Menubar under Advanced and then OnDemand. The service requires registration to use it, but thankfully, it's free…"

Posted by Seth Rosenblatt, the editor of, on Nov/25/2008 from

"When it comes to PDF readers, the abundance of free and competent titles suggests that the need for anymore is unnecessary. The Foxit PDF Reader is, however, slightly different....Note that this release is much more than a PDF reader. Some of the new features include a form designer…enhanced zoom tools, spell-checker for PDF forms, an improved IE-plug-in and much more."

Posted on Nov 24 2008 from

"... I recently switched to foxit pdf reader due to Adobe becoming such a bloated pig. Foxit loads PDFs quickly with no splash screen!
The best part about foxit is its native ability to edit PDF forms (great for filling out those rebates!) With the trial version of foxit, you can edit PDFs and print them for free, but saving the edits will create an "evaluation" watermark. Registering for the Foxit Pro Pack ($40) will let you edit/print/save for free without an evaluation watermark.
Here's the deal - Foxit currently has a deal where if you sign up and complete an offer on their page, they'll give you a free key for their Pro pack. I just signed up for the efax offer and used a virtual credit card number with $1 limit, and within 15 minutes I got my registration key. Heck, even without the pro pack, Foxit blows acrobat out of the water with its speed ..."

Posted on Jan/10/2008 from

"I never thought I would see the day where I could free myself of Adobe Acrobat AND not have to complain every time someone sends a PDF. Foxit Reader is my therapist for PDF's now. All the shakes, migraines, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome that used to be associated with PDF's is now a smile knowing your product will do exactly what it's supposed to.
P.S. Can't wait to start checking out the rest of the software you have to offer."

by Rob Sullivan

"I'm trying out Foxit Reader for the first time, and so far I'm impressed. It's an improvement over Adobe Reader in most respects. It doesn't have all the bells, whistles and configurations, of Adobe Reader, but I don't think I miss any of them."

by Runar Bjarnason

"I love a lot of the features foxit pdf reader provides; faster startup, faster page scroll, etc..."

by Larry Rowlison

"Adobe Reader has been a pain in the ass for so long with problems installing and running the program. Foxit took me under 2 minutes to dowload, install and start up! I was so impressed and will never go back to Adobe again. Great work!"

by Trevor Walsh

"Just downloaded Foxit Reader 2.0 and I find it hard to believe you packed so much into the new version of your PDF reader... especially considering the small size of the program.
Actually the word 'brilliant' first comes to mind in describing your software. Considering how much I have come to dislike anything that is over-bloated in size and function, I was absolutely thrilled as I explored the features in your 'free' version of the program.
What a pure work of genious Foxit Reader is! I am anxious to recommend this software to anybody I can."

by John A Collins, Texada Island, BC, Canada

"I just want to thank you for releasing Foxit Reader for free. I really hate Acrobat because it sucks so many resources and is so slow. Foxit is a lot faster and I love it. You guys rock!"

by Albert Meyer

"I really enjoy the softwares of your company and I am the first one in our university to replace the Adobe Reader with Foxit Reader soon afer the debut of it. And then I have tried other softwares of your company such as PDF Creator and PDF Editor finding them samll-sized, fast-launched and easy-of-use. So I consider buying a copy."

by Neoway, from China

"This is a fan letter -- After having Adobe Reader conflict with my other programs, drag my system down to a crawl and force numerous reboots every time I had to deal with a pdf file, I am ecstatic about Foxit Reader."

by Karen Chun, in USA

"The reason I wrote you is that I find FoxIt Pdf Reader a very fast, easy to install pdf viewer and nothing in the world could convince me to stick again in my computer a 20MB and 10 seconds loading Adobe Acrobat Reader!"

by Emilian Scarlat, in Romania

"I want to thank you for your excellent product Foxit PDF Reader: it's small and fast. I use it at home for a long time."

by Oleg Chaichook, System administrator, Public Corporation EximNefteProduct, in Ukraine

"I'm not sure if this is the right e/m address to send my comment too, but...I just wanted to tell you Thanks! I wasted days and hours on trying to download adobe reader to my new computer,it has windows xp, and spoke with the adobe techs for hours and had to pay for their tech support, and I could not get adobe downloaded. I am going back to school, I work fulltime and have a child so I have to take my courses online. If I could not open, read, print and send pdf files, I would not be able to take the courses. I finally went to 'techguy' forum and several people suggested 'Foxit' instead of adobe. It worked!!!!!! I now have the admissions packet and can get in to the class before the cut off. I feel computer illiterate so I was really really frustrated, but not now!!"

by Debbie Rose

"Congratulations! After several days going through the hoops trying to get the latest version of Acrobat to work I gave up and downloaded Foxit Reader 2.0.
Fantastic program! fast to install and so much faster than poor old acrobat to load documents. Well done and Thank you."

by Linton Smith, Perth, Western Australia

"Thank you for such a wonderful (no bloatware) coded program. Please keep up the great efforts. I tell everyone about your PDF reader. Thanks again."

by Ben Salerno