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Foxit PDF Editor 11

New Features Include

  • Redesign the overall interface, including icons, the ribbon, and panels, with simple appearances and clear function arrangement.
  • Discard the Arrange tab and Format tab that appear on the ribbon when you edit or annotate. Instead, a Format tab appears in the right panel when you make comments and edit text or objects.
  • We now provide the Share function on the File page.
  • The software activation and update workflows have been redesigned to offer tips and guidance, to improve usability.
  • View PRC format 3D PDF files.
  • Add (2D) comments to a 3D model, or convert 3D measurements to comments.
  • Enhanced the 3D measurement tool with radius measurement support, and provide Snap To options that can help you to precisely position the elements of 3D content you want to measure.
  • Support EUTL (European Union Trusted Lists) certificates for convenient signature validation
  • Provide an option to customize the logo (Foxit PDF Editor icon by default) shown on digital signature appearances. More seamless integration with ECM
  • Open Google Docs/Sheets/Slides in Google Drive, and save PDFs to Google Drive as Google Docs/Sheets/Slides.

Foxit PDF Editor Mac 11

New Features Include

  • Manage users, create user groups, add and remove users. It can connect to SSO (single sign-on) systems, including Active Directory, to securely gain access to user information.
  • Assign and remove licenses from users and user groups.
  • View the total number of Foxit licenses you own and currently have assigned. Update licenses on the fly.
  • Configure multiple administrators that can use the Admin Console.
  • Log admin operations and login/logout info, as well as use by end-users.
  • Reduce the size of one or more PDF files with default settings.
  • Reduce the file size of scanned PDFs.
  • Link and join multiple text blocks together.
  • Arrange and transform text and image objects.
  • Add and edit path and shading objects.