How to report security vulnerabilities

How to send security reports:

When to report a security issue associated with a Foxit product or any Foxit website, including Foxit-hosted web applications, please do so at [email protected]. If you just need to know more information about security advisories, you can visit here: or enter a trouble ticket via our Support Portal.
The mail will be monitored by Foxit's Technical Team. We will respond appropriately to reports of a new security issue with any Foxit product. To help us research and respond effectively, please include the following information in your email:

  • A subject that includes "Security vulnerability".
  • A complete description of the problem.
  • An explanation of how you found the problem and how it can be reproduced.
  • The appropriate URL if that is relevant.
  • Any relevant system information (e.g. OS version, database, SMTP server, etc).
  • Version and edition of all the Foxit products involved.
  • Your contact information including name, phone and email in case we need to contact you to get additional information.