5 Reasons Why Your Business Will Improve with Foxit PDF Compressor

Foxit PDF Compressor is the proven solution for enterprise-scale conversion, compression, and OCR
 of scanned documents. It is a versatile solution designed for processing data volumes of any size.

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 Industry Leading Compression and OCR


Are you running out of
       storage space?

Improve your document
backup requirements by
    reducing the size of
 scanned documents by
  100:1 or more, without
  compromising quality


  Do you want to store
documents efficiently?

      Convert Office files,
      emails, and scanned
 documents to PDF/A files
       to ensure they are
 preserved using the most
effective archiving method.


Do you want to avoid
resetting processing
parameters on large

Configure your work flow
   settings once and be
 confident that even jobs
  involving thousands of
     documents will be
     executed perfectly.


     Are you finding
    it difficult to find
information in scanned

      Shorten the time
  needed to locate and
  retrieve specific data
with full text searching
      of images files.


Do you need to convert multiple
  different types of input files?

Process all data into one output file format, regardless
     of the original document type, for more efficient
      downstream processing and simpler archiving.

Do you want to add all of this functionality without disruption? If so, the good news is that PDF Compressor

is a stable, plug-and-play solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.