Top 10 Reasonswhy Customers Choose Foxit

Choose Foxit
Select the same PDF technology that HP®,
and Asus® chose to pre-install on their
PCs (pre-installed on over one-third of all
PCs shipped), that Google® chose for their
open source and Chrome® browser and that
Amazon® chose for the Kindle® platform.
Chances are you are already using Foxit
PDF technology since it’s used by over
1 billion worldwide users!
2 Ease
of Use
Foxit was first to adopt the Microsoft®
ribbon-based user interface to significantly
reduce the learning curve for introducing
powerful PDF tools to users. Organizations
tell us every day that this industry-standard
design leads to superior user productivity
and return on investment.
3 Outstanding
When you call, you get a
knowledgeable support professional
who picks up the phone in less than
30 seconds. Tired of navigating
through voice systems? Get the
support you need, when you need it,
from people who speak your
4 Lower Total
Cost of
knowledge workers can access the industry’s
best PDF solution. Our cost are less than
one-third of Adobe’s, and our volume,
replacement and upgrade licensing plans
make the financial decision a no-brainer. Even
if you’re on maintenance, we can still save you
money. Just ask us how. And you never have
to worry about those nasty audits!
5 Easy to
Modular software allows you to equip your
organization with just one package and
then manage each user’s experience with
a Gold Key to ensure IT and financial
simplicity. Foxit’s mass deployment tools
make large rollouts simple.
6 Flexible
Foxit does what it takes to earn your
business. We are willing to work with you
to help stay within your budget and with
flexible payment terms. Acquiring Foxit
technology to either build out new use
cases or replace existing technology is
never stonewalled because you believe it is
just too expensive to change. Talk to us,
you will be surprised!
7 Increase IT Tired of bloatware? Foxit uses less
system resources, and its lightning-fast
performance opens even the largest and
most complex files quickly on all our
platforms. Our users constantly
appreciate that Foxit takes up less
resources, has fewer updates and fewer
security issues, significantly reducing
disruption to their IT environment.
8 Full Solution
for All Your
PDF Needs
Foxit provides more than a point product; it
delivers a complete solution to satisfy all
your PDF needs. Our cross-platform
technology and multiple device product
support goes well beyond Windows. We
support your PDF users on Windows, cloud,
Web browsers, iOS, Android, SharePoint and
Citrix. Your knowledge workers can have a
common brand across all their day-to-day
devices to ensure continuity is maintained.
9 The Adobe
You Can
IT organizations are being asked to do more
with less, as tight budgets get stretched
ever tighter. Ask yourself a basic question:
Can you get the same capabilities from an
Adobe alternative but at a much lower
cost? Now there is a quality Adobe
alternative you can trust. Foxit’s success
has resulted in a global public
company with a large installed base.
10 Customizable
Need a specific workflow or feature
set? Come speak to Foxit; we
frequently deliver new functionality
to our leading products to adopt
existing PDF workflows or use
plug-in SDK to allow you to control
your own extensions to the Foxit
technology stack. You are the
customer and you are in control.