Simplifying PDF software cost and licensing like Volvo Cars did


At Foxit, we hear from a lot of companies that use PDF software that cost of licensing is one of their top concerns. At the same time, understandably, no one wants to sacrifice features, especially those that employees use every day.

These are the same reasons the Volvo Car Group initiated a search for a new PDF solution—and why they ultimately chose Foxit. Here’s their story.

Volvo Car Group faces challenges in PDF software cost

The Volvo Car Group wanted to reduce the cost of their existing PDF solution and to simplify the license model. They needed their new PDF Editor solution to provide all the features that they depended on in their old solutions, such as creating, annotating, and editing PDF documents and forms. They required a single, easy to deploy PDF solution that they could standardize across all their business units. They also needed it to be ISO-32000 compliant so it would work with all their existing PDF files.

“We had a number of different PDF products, but mostly Adobe Acrobat Professional,” said André Collin, Software Asset Manager for The Volvo Group. “We needed to reduce our PDF expense, both from a financial standpoint and an IT management standpoint. Therefore, we needed to standardize on one PDF solution that is more economical.”

Volvo evaluated Foxit and liked what they saw

While evaluating the Foxit solution, The Volvo Car Group was immediately impressed with PhantomPDF’s high performance, good conversion quality, and that the resulting PDF files were smaller in size. After going through an extensive assessment, The Volvo Car Group decided to go with Foxit PhantomPDF.

“All users that had a product equal to Acrobat Professional got their product replaced with Foxit PDF Editor Pro,” said André. “The only difference was that this new solution is more cost effective and has a better and easier to manage licensing model.”

To find their new solution, The Volvo Car Group elicited the help of United ADDins, software reseller which supplies quality software backed by extensive technical expertise to enterprise, business and government customers globally. “We were really pleased to help Volvo Cars do the Acrobat replacement and significantly save on their Adobe licensing cost,” said Borivoje Bogatinov of United ADDins. “They now have Foxit PhantomPDF as a standard PDF tool globally that everyone is really happy with. Since it is fast, lightweight, compatible with existing PDFs, and provides good user experience – end users are quickly accepting it.”

Volvo gets results

By moving to Foxit, Volvo was able to efficiently implement their paperless offices workflows, such as creating, scanning, modifying, organizing, and compressing PDF documents. They met one of their key goals: reducing their overall operation costs and providing easier licensing. They were able to quickly and easily deploy a standardized PDF solution across all business units, and found the migration to be painless for end users and existing environments.

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