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Increase document management efficiency.

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Foxit Volume Automation

6 Ways to Increase Document Management Efficiency


Reduce File Size

Save money on storage costs with file compression, which typically averages about 50% less file space. This allows for improved document quality by scanning at a higher DPI and/or in color.

Save time when transferring or downloading smaller files, which also increases customer satisfaction and increases employee productivity.

Increases Interoperability

Normalize documents to PDF to prevent document compatibility issues in downstream business processes.

Universally supported PDF means that users can view the document on any device at any time.

Protect Confidential Information

Automate your redaction process by instantly redacting hundreds of large documents.

Create redaction reports that shows you where all the hits associated with the redaction job were found.

Find Files Fast

Generate searchable PDF assets from paper and image documents through Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Regulated environments often require full text-searchable PDF submission.

Secure your Archives

Ensure documents can be opened decades from now by archiving files as PDF/A.

Guard against tampering, active content changes, or malware.

Standardize Documents Look

Make all your documents have a common look and feel by mass additions of watermarks, headers, footers, and more.

Stamp all your incoming documents with a Received and dated stamp to track when documents have arrived as well as other compliance information.

  • Volume Automation

Increase document management efficiency.

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